Mass Shooting In Florida Nightclub

The incident is thought to have taken place during a ‘teen night’ at the club, with some of the people at the event as young as 13.

Captain Jim Mulligan, from Fort Myers Police Department, said between 15 and 17 people have been wounded by the attack.

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WTSP (local) Police: 2 dead, as many as 17 shot at Ft. Myers nightclub teen night

Witness: ‘They just kept shooting. It was non-stop’

‘Person of interest’ detained after nightclub shooting

Statement by Fort Myers Police Department

Fort Myers police statement

  • People go to nightclubs on a Sunday night?

    • Sundays are slow, so it’s common for them to host underage events then. No alcohol served inside, so teens drink outside then go in and dance.

      Right now this looks like black-on-black violence (just my opinion) but it’s another reason for the left to demand gun control. Count on Hillary to mention this incident during the Democratic Convention.

      • mauser 98

        they don’t have to go to work in the morning?

        • LOL “work”. Look up Club Blu’s Facebook page.

          • Linda1000

            Apparently, they serve soul food. Ft. Myers used to be so quiet, beautiful white sand beaches and more affordable than Naples just south of it.

          • mauser 98

            yes..have friends there… some parts now one does not go to
            Sanibel Il. beaches nice…way over $$ and crowded

          • Linda1000

            Drove over to Sanibel Island once, too high density and this was in the 90s. Nice but I liked the mainland area better. 🙂
            This night club holds theme parties. See below. I didn’t know 12 or 13 year-olds could be in a nightclub where alcohol is served even if they are not drinking.

          • mauser 98

            no panties edition?… damn be 20 again

      • xavier

        Interesting but the next day is school or is it the summer holidays stil?

        • Schools vary but the average starting date is about Aug. 15, so these youts are celebrating the last few weeks of summer.

          • xavier


            Thanks. So kids were just enjoying themselves. What’s the motive gangs? BLM backlash? Islamic terrorism?

          • No details yet on the motive. NYT is reporting 3 people detained for questioning.

            Maybe evil assault guns (aren’t all guns assault guns by their very nature?) and high capacity magazines just went on another killing rampage.

          • xavier

            Thanks.So the cops will keep quiet until they have the facts.

            Thanks again!

      • Millie_Woods


    • ontario john

      Lot of mental illness going around.

    • BillyHW

      It’s certainly not Asian students.

      • mauser 98

        yes…we closed the bars…they closed the libraries

    • mobuyus

      Sunday and Wednesday nights were ladies night’s at the legendary Chaudiere nightclub in Hull Quebec the place was always packed on these nights.

  • marty_p

    The club should have been called Club Black. The sound clips of witnesses interviews are barely understandable Ebonics babbling.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Although I speak several languages, I have avoided going to Chicago for over 30 years. I was there in the 1980s and spent several days asking anybody and everybody to repeat themselves. It was my first encounter with prevalent Ebonics. It was easier navigating my way around Slovenia as a tourist than it was to get around Chicago. Ebonics is an abomination.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    What’s the Mohammad Coefficient on this one?

  • Spatchcocked

    I had a black gent train me once. He was from Athens Joja…..Always a mouth full of tobacco and bubble gum and his accent.
    Speaking the Queens English as I do it was necessary to listen very very carefully…..generally I’d seize on one word and extrapolate.
    He had bags of personality…..could work with mules….do your hair….step in the boxing ring and etc.
    I enjoyed him….unforgettable character.

  • Hard Little Machine

    These are people who shoot each other at the respective funerals of their prior shootings. Another reason not to police black areas – just let the animals run the zoo.

  • robins111

    Its going to be hilarious trying the phonics out the names of the victims and perps

  • barryjr

    Must be black on black I haven’t seen or heard anything anywhere else about this

  • andycanuck

    Yeah. Gangbangers not Moslems.

  • chayisun

    Don’t forget that black lives matter. Of course, this doesn’t count. It wasn’t the police who shot these twits it, apparently, was black people involved. Now I’m not sure but I don’t think there will be any protest about this. The Black lives matter crowd remain in hiding. Like cockroaches…..
    As for the police, I imagine they were called in to clean up the mess, find the perps and try not to smile at the carnage.

  • WalterBannon

    I guess black lives don’t matter, otherwise why would so many blacks run around gunning down other blacks?