Leaked Emails Show Racist Democrats Referred to Latino Outreach as “Taco Bowl Engagement”

Taco bowlDo you think America’s Latino community would be happy to know Democrats referred to outreach efforts to their community as “Taco Bowl Engagement?”

h/t DL

  • xavier

    Why yes they are. As long as they get welfare and immigration amnesty, the caciques and terratenientes can call them whatever name suits them

  • BillyHW

    The only thing that really offends hispanics is threatening them with having to obey the law, pay taxes or cutting of free benefits to which they are not entitled, and contributed nothing.

    Also, just try taking their burros away!

    • xavier

      I agree with the illegals but not the legal immigrants. Cubans for example have been quite law abiding and productive

      • mauser 98

        Miami police might not agree with that

      • BillyHW

        But their children are still voting for Democrat parasites.