Friends shocked over Calgary imam implicated in failed Turkish coup

ShockedI bet.

  • Exile1981

    An allie of gullen arrested by eredogab? shocked i am.

  • simus1

    Since sharia is allah’s perfect dispenser of justice via mo, those bad muslims being held by the islamist sultan erdogan regime – tied up, deprived of water, food, medical care, toilet facilities, etc, and tortured, or raped, or torture-raped must be ipso facto guilty.
    islam sure gets stuff done.

  • Gary

    i smell another Maher Arar extortion suit once he bail out his sorry A$$ to get him back where he gets a hamas linked Lawyer and wants $400,000,000.00 where he settles for $10.2 million as Arar did.
    Arar LIED and scammed us because he was tied to Sheema khan that was with the hamas funding CAIR. Try to imagine that you claim you are hurt in a car accident and you sue for $4000.00 and yet just before it goes to a Judge you settle for $100.00.
    How really injured could you have been to take $100.00 , which exposes the scam by CAIR and Arar to want $400 million but settle for $10.2 Tax-free. That buy lots for Jihad training camps in BC.

  • Ego

    Erdogan dispenses sharia justice, so the imam won’t have any grounds for complaint.
    After all, he is also for sharia, right? Now he will get it.
    A clear case of win-win.

  • Spatchcocked

    Omar Khadrs daddy….there’s a moral there…a lesson for our leaders.

    Omar Khadr fils….there’s a moral….a lesson for us citizens.

  • moraywatson

    Now don’t jump to conclusions here. Everyone knows that imams have nothing to do with islam.