France: The civil war has begun

In one of those eerie coincidences, the day of the Charlie Hebdo atrocity saw the publication of a novel by the grumpy French intellectual Michel Houellebecq (pronounced Wellbeck).

Entitled Submission, it envisioned a charismatic candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood winning the French presidency in 2022 and, in coalition with the other parties, gradually taking over the education system.

  • FactsWillOut

    “Just as these terrorist outrages will push French voters to Le Pen, so her rise will push more French Muslims to radicalism. ”

    What a fucking idiot.

    • El Martyachi

      … and here’s the thing. Or rather… a thing.

      There ‘s plenty of refugees/settlers/immigrants/ who came to to the west for the explicit purpose of becoming less islamic and assimilating. Ya can argue about numbers, etc.. but point being those folks are currently hung out to dry by everyone. Progs use them as pawns, muslim leaders control them via social pressure, the right is rightly sick of their crap. If they knew they had backup they might start sticking their necks out. As long as progs own every institution nothing will change. Someone like LePen could maybe change that.

      • B__2

        The problem is that unless they change their religion to become non-muslim, their children are at risk of picking up their parents’ Islam, and becoming radicalised and a danger to the rest of society as well as their own parents.

        Islam is a cancer.

  • pdxnag

    A screaming Muslim disappointed at resistance to their supremacist ambitions is best expelled, not accommodated. A Muslim that does not declare their apostasy from Islam has made a choice that must have consequences (summary expulsion along with the more overtly militant front line screamers).

    This bit of insanity is just too typical:
    “I fear Madame Le Pen will be the chief beneficiary of these killings * * *”

    Same as:
    I fear that someone might resist violent Islamic supremacist conquest.

    These guys are just Nuts!

  • xavier

    The biggest mistake de Gaulle committed was abandoning both the pieds noirs and hakaris to their deaths. Had de Gaulle welcomed them, there be no Islamic ghettos and the radicalisation would’ve died in its gestation.

    Personally I’d sponsor the Amazigh awakening and encourage them to repudiate ara binational and recuperate their language and culture. See the fanatics become hysterical in their histrionics

  • Gary

    At least the Nazi’s had the guts to wear a Uniform . But these cowards for allah are savages that emulate muhammed the pedophile/ mass-murderer that tells his followers to preach peace to the Unbelievers as you plot to kill them .

    Muslims in Ottawa are now attacking people by using a knife to stab them , but the brain-dead Cops can’t find a Motive or see how the Muslim attackers that use knives are somehow linked.