Europe, Islam, and Saint James the Moor-slayer

St. James The Moor-slayer“…Despite the appalling specter of Islamic terrorism now gripping Europe—the attacks and slaughter in Munich, Nice, Brussels, Paris—Europeans, while once united in faith, aren’t likely to seek the intercession of St. James today. Secularism has so eroded the shared basis of European (Western) identity that any such appeal is unthinkable. Worse, an ideology of secular progressivism is protected at all costs. The larger terror to many in European bureaucracy is that religion, especially Christianity, is the basis for a culture that thrives and endures.

Fundamentally, cohesiveness as a culture requires more than a pragmatic economic and political cooperation. Who, after all, feels a kindred affection for political cooperation? Culture requires an engagement of fidelity, loyalty, and a lasting rationale for voluntary cooperation beyond the power of states to enforce. And even more culture must open a space for the human expression of love beyond oneself. The recent Brexit vote is a stark check to bureaucrats who failed understand this human need. Unless such love is nurtured, citizens view each other as utilitarian units for economic or political gain rather than as neighbors…”