Clinton VP tapped pro-terror Muslim leader for immigration seat

Virginia Senator and former Governor Tim Kaine has been the Democratic Party’s presumptive Vice Presidential nominee for just three days, yet the pick has already drawn fire from the pro-Israel community due in part to Kaine’s robust support for the Iran nuclear deal, his boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress in 2015, and his ties to a left-wing NGO.

Now, a controversial appointment made during his tenure as Governor of Virginia has raised new questions about Kaine’s bona fides as a self-described “strongly pro-Israel Democrat”.

  • BillyHW

    Those smiles are demonic.

    • Ed Ellison

      I was just thinking the exact same thing before I came to the comments.

  • It’s getting to the point where one wonders if one should begin objectively assessing the Democrats as a possible terrorist political Front organization. The evidence is mounting.

    Especially given the fact that the only efforts for “reform” in the Democrat Party (e.g. Bernie) are reforms to move it even closer to the militant Left — towards a fascist Socialist/Communist model willing to ally itself with any other fascist movement (e.g. Islamism), in order to acquire absolute power.

  • Gary

    Justin has a few pro-sharia Muslim MP’s while one of his advisers is a well know Jew-hating Whahhabi Sunni saudi that was once with the CAF that gave out a PDF notice on its Website which asked Muslims and Arabs to not help the RCMP or CSIS when they come to ask about fellow Muslims alleged to be tied to terrorism.

    One of Jutsin’s Muslim MP’s was in the PRIDE parade with him and boasted about it on his facebook page , so I asked him to tell me how many of the Peaceful tolerant MP’s from Justin’s Ramadan dinner had joined Justin in the parade.
    He said he saw about 4 , but the Dinner pictures had close to 10 Muslims in it which had a Somali Muslim that I know doesn’t support Gay marriage and had the Seat bought in Little Somalia that is mostly a welfare ghetto with sharia rules for the Police and Social workers.

    Look at John Tory and Wynne, they now go after the BLM terrorists votes while both of them were at the Orlando slaughter to 49 gays by a muslim where Wynne’s speech was a rant about islamophobia that was mentioned 7 times.
    Toronto is NOT Canada , we have a Vis-Min population that went from about 2% in the 1960’s to the new 9%. But Toronto is a majority non-Canadian background City and about to be over 50% non-white at the rate illegals and immigrants are pouring in.

    Liberals know how many Seats are in Toronto for the Province and National Elections which means that they cater to less than 10% of the Population and paint them as the Majority and the face of Canada.
    Toronto will become a Detroit in the 1960’s that will be torched and drive many National Companies out of Toronto and kill the Diversity Quota jobs to make things worse. The provincial Government will be the biggest employer for non-whites in Toronto at about 60% when the Vis-min number for Canada would still be about 12%.