Brexit: EU considers migration ‘emergency brake’ for UK for up to seven years

Plans to allow the United Kingdom an exemption from EU rules on freedom of movement for up to seven years while retaining access to the single market are being considered in European capitals as part of a potential deal on Brexit.

  • Maggat

    I don’t like the sound of this. Britain voted to LEAVE the EU. Seems as if the toffs want their lolly and throw a few crumbs the way of the folks that said leave.

    • V10_Rob

      Clever move. Hope the Brits don’t fall for it.

  • jack burns

    I would worry more about it if May didn’t already trash the Climate Change bunk.

  • Jay Currie

    Messy divorce stage two: “Oh honey, don’t leave. The kids need your salary and I promise, really, no more hookers and no more coke. Promise.”

  • ed

    ” breaking news ” illegal Syrian muslim ” backpack ” with a history of mental illness blows it`s self up at a music festival in ansbach Germany , police confused as to the motive , many injured !

  • simus1

    The EuroReichphile swindlers are starting to bestir themselves.

  • If they do this it will destroy the EU. Which, of course, is good. Any country who wants border controls will “leave” [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] and the EU will be forced to capitulate – after all, they did it for Britain, didn’t they?

  • eMan14

    7 years is a nice start. But not nearly good enough on it’s own. The vote was legit… and it should be honoured. The EU as it stands now… deserves to be blown apart. Excuse the pun.

    • Jim Horne

      Could we be seeing a modern day version of Genesis Chapter 41?

      • Waffle

        You read my mind!!!

    • Maggat

      With the EU’s current immigration policies being blown apart is happening, one small attack at a time. Pity