The global warming intimidation game exposed

Progressives are always effective at weaponizing emotion to silence rational debate on important policy issues.

Analyzing data and discussion of the facts with a cold analytical eye is stymied by emotionally driven intimidation causing immeasurable harm to an objective policy resolution.

  • Gary

    Take note how the Leftist progressive God-haters loved to tell the Pope to shut-up while they also crusaded in Ontario to kick Jesus and Christmas out of the public schools and Work Place.

    But now , not only do they bow to islam and invited Mosques into 2 Public schools and allow Prayer Rooms in Offices ………they love the Pope ever since he embraced Global Warming .
    Obama invited the Pope to the Capitol in DC while he and Justin hold Ramadan events on Public property ……. yet our Liberals under Paul Martin refused to use the word Christmas during the Christmas break ( with pay ) when he bought a Christmas wreath for this Door on Sussex dr . .

    Susan G.Cole and Gretta Vosper used to be hard core feminists that hated religious Misogyny that was at the of Domestic abuse plus the support the LGBTQ2 rights……..but both had supported the Homophobic pro-Hamas groups that marched in PRIDE as well as going silent over the 2 Mosques allowed in the Public schools in Ontario where the girls sit at the back .

    Shame on Susan G Cole for not condemning the islamic and quranic calls for killing homosexuals along with the 10 islamic nation that sanction murdering gays and flogging women.
    She ( Cole ) is Jewish and self-identifies as a Lesbian feminist, three things that will put her at the end of a noose under sharia law in Gaza or iran.

    Hillary takes money fro islamic nations that kills gays , flogs women and allows child bride pedophilia……maybe Trump should join NAMBLA , beat up his wife and hang a few queer’s to win-over votes from the democrat supporters voting for Hillary.