More details on the Munich shooter WHO HAD NO TIES TO ISIS

Bavarian official: There is so far no evidence that Munich gunman knew any of his victims, or that there was any political motivation behind the attack – AP

Bavarian authorities: Gunman behind Munich attack visited site of school shooting in Winnenden, Germany, and took photographs – BBC News

Spokesman: Munich mall shooting suspect had 2 months’ inpatient psychiatric treatment last year – AP

Bavarian officials: Munich gunman wrote a manifesto, but it has not yet been evaluated – ZDF

Munich gunman purchased illegal pistol on the internet, Bavarian authorities say – Reuters

Prosecutor confirms Munich shooting assailant took medication for anxiety disorders, planned attack months in advance – Deutsche Welle

Upcoming: Deutsche Welle reports that prosecutors and police investigating Friday’s Munich attack have called a press conference that is set to begin shortly. We’ll bring you updates as they come in.

  • “Munich gunman wrote a manifesto, but it has not yet been evaluated”

    And if it conflicts with the ‘troubled loner who was the victim of an oppressive and prejudicial western culture’ meme it will never be made public.

    • A manifesto, I’m sure, that will be abridged.

      • robins111

        Kinda sounds like Gamil Gharbi’s story doesn’t it.

    • caliroxanne

      Many people take them and find them to be highly beneficial. People who use them have some problems to begin with, so any violence perpetrated by individuals on meds may have occurred without the medication as well. Additionally, there is also the possibility that the meds prevent some from perpetrating acts of violence. While no medication is perfect, when it comes to anti-depressants and other psych drugs, there is a lot of anti-med propaganda put out by L. Ron Hubbard / Scientology and others who couldn’t get into medical school like Michael Savage. Adam Lanza, according to his dad (not Michael Savage) was not on meds.

      Anyway, it is always the same story, but this Ali’s problem was Islam, not meds.

      • I take them and find them highly beneficial!

  • ellake

    well, the guy was shia so they probably are right that he has no connection to ISIS or al Kaeda, but there are other terrorist or criminal organisations. His gun, has been bought illegaly.
    As for the manifersto, I am sure that German media will publish it, or some of it, when it will get evaluated.

  • Jim Horne

    Expect to hear that it was the victims’ fault. Or, expect to hear that it was the Jews fault. Or, expect to hear that it was BREXIT’s fault. Or, expect to hear that it was Donald Trump’s fault. Or, expect to hear it was the gun’s fault.

    • robins111

      You forgot to include bullying by the white right wing oppressors