More details on the Munich shooter WHO HAD NO TIES TO ISIS

Bavarian official: There is so far no evidence that Munich gunman knew any of his victims, or that there was any political motivation behind the attack – AP

Bavarian authorities: Gunman behind Munich attack visited site of school shooting in Winnenden, Germany, and took photographs – BBC News

Spokesman: Munich mall shooting suspect had 2 months’ inpatient psychiatric treatment last year – AP

Bavarian officials: Munich gunman wrote a manifesto, but it has not yet been evaluated – ZDF

Munich gunman purchased illegal pistol on the internet, Bavarian authorities say – Reuters

Prosecutor confirms Munich shooting assailant took medication for anxiety disorders, planned attack months in advance – Deutsche Welle

Upcoming: Deutsche Welle reports that prosecutors and police investigating Friday’s Munich attack have called a press conference that is set to begin shortly. We’ll bring you updates as they come in.