ISIS suicide bombers target opposition protest march in Kabul leaving at least 80 dead and 210 wounded

At least 80 people were killed and 200 were wounded after an ISIS suicide bomber targeted a major protest in Kabul earlier today.

Thousands of members of the minority Shiite Hazara community were protesting over a proposed power line when the explosion went off.

Ambulances were struggling to reach the scene as authorities had overnight blocked key intersections with stacked shipping containers to prevent protesters from marching on the presidential palace.

  • That’s because there really is an “Arab Spring”, just as Barack and Hillary have assured us. You can freely participate in a peaceful protest anywhere in the Islamic world without fear of reprisal. And you can especially do it in the Palestinian territories. Dead people are clear evidence that Hillary and Barack are telling the truth about freedom under Islam.

    Dead cops are also proof that BLM is non-violent, and why they should be invited to the DNC. Oh why, oh why, did I never grasp the truth before?

  • Hard Little Machine

    How’s that Obama plan to keep thousands of troops there for 2 extra years?