How the European Parliament and Angela Merkel unleashed terror on Europe

One thing is certain. With hostility growing among genuine refugees and an increasing number of Germans, Mrs Merkel’s grand project isn’t looking so grand these days.

  • Yes she did.

  • Clink9

    She’ll be hiding in the bunker soon.

  • Waffle

    Material for a new movie update — “Strangeness on a Train”.

  • Dana Garcia

    Merkel is hard to figure. She remarked some years ago that multiculturalism had failed in Germany. Plus there are numerous photos of her touring robot factories, so she knows Germany doesn’t need more workers.

    That leaves early onset dementia.

    • BillyHW

      She has a vagina. (At least I think she does.)

    • She was brainwashed as a communist in the former East Germany. She posses the commie belief of open boarders.

      • Linda1000

        One of the original founding fathers of the European Union.

  • BillyHW

    Decapitation now!

  • When discussing the details of Europe’s “migrant” problem, there is a larger picture that is ignored.

    This “migration” is in reality an (Islamic) invasion. It is a continuation of the Islamic theological call to slowly subdue the world.

    Any society where Islam is allowed to flourish eventually spawns terrorists and terrorism. The end result is the slow process of Islamic conquering the “indigenous” population and the conversion to Islam.

    Simply look at Pakistan and Afghanistan. They use to be peaceful Buddhist/Hindu societies, then along came Islam. The only question is – would Pakistan and Afghanistan be better off if Islam had never arrived?

    Pakistan and Afghanistan are two of the most disgusting societies on the face of the earth. Are any Buddhist/Hindu societies this way?

    Islam is a social blueprint for human disaster. Myopic, malicious, Western elite traitors are in the process of destroying the greatest society ever to grace the face of the earth.

    Will the indigenous European masses awaken and save Western Civilization before Islam turns it into another Islamic cesspool?

    There is most likely less than twenty years left before all is lost.