“DERADICALIZED” Islamic State Fighters Producing Jihad Terror Propaganda Videos in Germany

“Deradicalization” programs are a scam. They do not work and will never work. Why? Because they’re predicated on the proposition that Islam is a religion of peace and that the true Qur’an teaches peace, and so when the “radicalized” fighter reads the Qur’an, he will stop “misunderstanding” Islam. But the Qur’an really teaches warfare against and subjugation of infidels. So when these “deradicalized” Muslims start reading it, they get “radicalized” again.

  • BillyHW

    The only known effective deradicalizer is made out of lead.

  • Gary

    I had laughed right from the start when I heard about these plans for mosques in Canada.
    The Imams have the same Qurans as Hamas, Hezballah, ISIS, pakistan, Sunni’s and every Jihadist terrorist that made them radical.
    How that hell can you use the same quran to deradicalize a devout Muslim jihadists which made him radical.

    It’s the quran stupid.

  • caliroxanne

    The fact that they are ONLY producing the jihadi terror vids to help other Muslim garbage slaughter infidels, as opposed to actually slaughtering the infidels themselves, will be touted as a success by the dhimmi dopes in the gov and media.