Claim: Red Cross Management Covered Up Migrant Sexual Abuse

A Red Cross employee has claimed that women in an asylum home run by the charity have been sexually abused and that management covered it up.

The Red Cross in the German city of Potsdam are under fire as an allegation has emerged that sexual abuse of women in one of their asylum homes is not just happening, but is being actively covered up by management.

  • Martin B

    Mustn’t upset the Narrative.

  • BillyHW

    When will the madness of allowing this invasion by subhuman animals stop?!

  • Frances

    It’s the Red Cross – of course they’ll cover up.

  • Dana Garcia

    Diverse immigrants can’t be evil — perish the thought!

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Red Cross covered up the Holocaust. This is nothing to them.

  • Spatchcocked

    It ain’t “rape-rape”……it’s a cultural conflict that can be addressed with education and love.
    I suggest German women just relax lay back and think of the Caliphate.

  • Start de-funding these organisations.