59% of Europeans Say Trump is Right on Refugees Increasing Threat of Terrorism

Trump says there is a great danger of increased terrorism by allowing so many Muslim refugees into the country. He also said that they will take jobs away from American citizens, which in the long run will hurt the economy. For these comments, the liberal media and politicians claim that Trump is full of hate and is insensitive for those comments.

Millions of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees started pouring into Europe before they began arriving here. The people of Europe have seen firsthand what Trump has been warning America about and what they’ve seen fully supports Trump’s warnings.

  • And the other 41% are the Refugees.

    • Surele Surele

      You beat me to it. Thanks, didn’t have to ask the question.

  • ntt1

    Milo makes the point that the muslims entering the north american countries are more or less educated and house trained, the Europeans are getting the archetypical illiterate goat humpers , just wait until prime minister useful idiot and hillery get their way and flood the free world with third world marginally functioning idiots.

    • Waffle

      Trump is being very circumspect about the wall he needs to build on the southern border. A wall is needed on the northern border as well — probably along the 49th parallel. Parting the waters of the Great Lakes would be a lot more challenging.

      • ntt1

        i would settle for no more refugees and a return of the mexican visa requirement that justine -the -inane has cancelled

    • Alain

      I suggest that Somalis we got years ago proves Milo wrong about Canada at least not getting the illiterate goat humpers, but yes indeed with Justine we are going to get a whole lot more from all the Muslim world.

  • I feel so sorry for the average European, having their country basically sold out from underneath them to accommodate the liberals’ multi-culti draem [sic]. Thank God that can’t happen here.

    • ntt1

      it is happening here . look at justine’s cancellation of visa requirements and mindless support for massive immigration. Harper was no better. We need a trump in the north.

  • Gary

    I had pointed out just last weekend that Hillary spoke to Bill O’Reilly which touched on the Paris slaughter in NICE . Hillary now wants to ban muslims too but used weasel words and said she wanted to stop them from boarding the Planes coming to the USA .
    This will be just another LIE of hers and she will spin it top tell the media that she NEVER said the every muslim can come to the USA.
    Nobody else picked up on this unless the Liberal media is covering for her. She said that she would demand that nations give her the Passengers lists for flights coming to the USA to stop some muslims from coming in .

    How the hell is that much different from Trump wanting the VET muslims better prior to coming in .