Tim Kaine’s radical beliefs and anti-American ties

Tim Kaine has enjoyed support from the National Muslim Democratic Council, the communist-aligned Alliance for Retired Americans, and one of the most vile and influential organizations you never heard of: Council for a Livable World. In the 2012 election, Tim Kaine was supported by the Asian American Action Fund. The “socialist infiltrated, anti-Israel ‘two state solution’ JStreet PAC endorsed Tim Kaine in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Kaine is rabidly anti-Second Amendment (also supports measures that would ban the right to bear arms for those who appear on the mysterious No-Fly List), pro-illegal immigration and pro-“refugee,” a strong believer in climate change, federal government “investment” in infrastructure and sympathetic to the false premise of the Black Lives Matter movement, i.e., black men are being shot down indiscriminately.

  • Dana Garcia

    She didn’t pick hispanic Julian Castro because she didn’t want the Mexican Mafia gunning for her to get a Mexican Presidente.

    Excessive diversity can be dangerous!

  • simus1

    Given Granny Hitlery’s known and secret assorted ailments, physical, mental, and political, Tim has a pretty good chance to wind up as president if they can just clear that election hurdle by fair means or foul.

    • ntt1

      Democrats can raise the dead

  • Linda1000

    Both of them look like two manic boozers who speak in tongues in that photo.

  • John

    Wiki: Kaine and his wife have been congregants of the St. Elizabeth Catholic
    Church in Richmond, a mostly black congregation, for 30 years

    Says all you need to know about this self-loathing White-hating son of a bitch. (‘Black people like me! They really, really like me!’) He also spent a year in Honduras working with White Bolshevik Jesuits to help all those poor little Brown people lift themselves out of ( Gringo caused?) poverty.

    He’s another fucking Spanish-speaking, self-hating pathology; Bill de Blasio’s lost twin.

    Methinks a touch gay as well.

    • FactsWillOut

      “I was born a poor, black child.”

      • mauser 98

        really poor

      • Clausewitz


    • I grew up in Richmond and never – not once – went to that part of town.

      Yes yes, I’m racist I know. But good survival instincts.

  • Dave

    In other words, the perfect democrat.

  • robins111

    Just another festering turd in the democrats cesspool.

  • Slickfoot

    Trump is going to have to win by such a huge landslide that makes it impossible for the democrats to cheat their way to victory.

    • Martin B

      They’ll pull out all the stops. The dead will rise from their graves to vote Democrat like never before.

      • Slickfoot

        Last time some precincts voted up to 115% straight dem ticket, not one vote for Repub.

      • John

        Do you remember Florida in 2,000? CNN, the Democrat’s news network, foolishly declared Gore the winner in the state a FULL hour before the polls in Pensacola closed.

        The idiots forgot that Florida sits astride two different time zones Miami is an hour ahead of Pensacola…

    • I figure at least 5%.

      • Slickfoot

        We have an awful lot of dead people who seem to overwhelmingly vote democrat.

        • My neighbor gets letters from the local politicians thanking her husband for being a registered democrat and voting for them his whole life.

          He died in ’83.

    • FactsWillOut

      I’m sure Trump is aware of the Dems duplicity, and may have some surprises of his own in store for them.

  • Dana Garcia

    Nice that Hilldog continues to wear her $12,000 Armani jacket, despite the objections that she’s flaunting her ill-gotten wealth.

    • GrimmCreeper

      You can dress a pig in Armani…

  • mauser 98
  • mauser 98

    “Dems view Latinos as 1 issue voting bloc, IMMIGRATION! We’re getting played, worst some are falling for it”


  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s a former Catholic missionary – is he secretly anti-abortion?