Tim Kaine’s radical beliefs and anti-American ties

Tim Kaine has enjoyed support from the National Muslim Democratic Council, the communist-aligned Alliance for Retired Americans, and one of the most vile and influential organizations you never heard of: Council for a Livable World. In the 2012 election, Tim Kaine was supported by the Asian American Action Fund. The “socialist infiltrated, anti-Israel ‘two state solution’ JStreet PAC endorsed Tim Kaine in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Kaine is rabidly anti-Second Amendment (also supports measures that would ban the right to bear arms for those who appear on the mysterious No-Fly List), pro-illegal immigration and pro-“refugee,” a strong believer in climate change, federal government “investment” in infrastructure and sympathetic to the false premise of the Black Lives Matter movement, i.e., black men are being shot down indiscriminately.