These Residents Have Had Enough – Threaten To Bomb Or Burn Down New Mosque

Furious residents who are against a mosque and Islamic funeral home being built in the NSW Hunter Valley region have threatened to bomb or burn it to the ground after plans were approved.

Cessnock Council approved a development application on Wednesday night to build a mosque that can hold up to 450 people in the rural area of Buchanan near Kurri Kurri in NSW.

Outraged members of a group opposing the $3.9million mosque took to Facebook after the plans were approved and accused the councillors who voted in favour of being ‘traitors’.

  • Martin B

    These residents are an inspiration to us all.

    • BillyHW

      I hope they do burn it down.

  • charlightte

    There is no reason we should hand over our culture. Good for them. I hope their council members are hanged.

  • Moar plz.

  • Tokenn

    We shouldn’t be mean to Muslims. However I see no reason we shouldn’t treat them the way Christians are treated in Muslim countries. Fair is fair, right?

    • Maggat


    • John

      With regards to this fair is actually ‘racism’.

      Were an edict of reciprocity drawn up wherein Muslims in The West were subjected to the same discrimination faced by faith minorities in Muslim lands, the leftoids would immediately cry racism.

      • Tokenn

        Ah, but then they would have to admit that Muslims practice vicious discrimination against Christians . Even if the turnabout never happened it would be a significant win.

  • John

    What a thoughtful address: 911 Buchanan Road. Such a kind and considerate bunch. Is it any wonder some want it burned down

    Any bets the mayor is on the Saudi payroll?

  • G

    Vandalize the property of the councillors who approved the project and the lawyers who represented the muslims in their application.
    By all means when construction starts, burn the thing down (easier to burn int he framing stage)

    But also attack the contractors & sub contractors that are working on the project. If you know “ABC Excavating” is digging the foundation then vandalize “ABC Excavating” equipment no matter where it is in the city until they withdraw from the project. If “Joe’s electrical” is doing the wiring, then slash the tires of every “Joe’s Electrical” truck you see.

    The muslims always win because the traitors, cowardly government officials, judges, police, and greedy businessmen fear the muslims more than they fear us. That must change.

    Attack their enablers and we will win.

  • Please, everybody, no calls for law-breaking or for violence or property-destruction targeting individuals. Thanks.