Poll Suggests That Canadians Do Not Link Syrian Migrant to Terrorism

Now is the time that we dissect the propaganda.



People who backed a plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada in a matter of months largely expected no increased risk of terrorism as a result, newly released federal polling information reveals.

About 44 per cent of those surveyed in November were in support of the plan. And of them, about 60 per cent thought there would be no change to the terrorism threat facing Canada in the next six months.

However, 35 per cent of respondents didn’t support the plan were concerned, and 55 per cent of them told pollsters they thought the threat of terrorism in Canada would increase in the next six months.


One expert says that tacking on three explicit terrorism questions to a survey about immigration puts the government in a position of suggesting a link between the two issues.

But Jack Jedwab says the poll results show that Canadians themselves don’t make the link, which stands in contrast with populations in many other parts of the world.

People who were in favour of the plan either did not make any link or did not want to.


What previous polls suggest:

More than 70 per cent of Canadians don’t support the federal government taking in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute. Two in five respondents think Canada should stop taking in Syrian refugees immediately.


The Ipsos poll, conducted exclusively for Global News, found that 60 per cent of Canadians disagree with Justin Trudeau’s election promise to relocate 25,000 people displaced largely due to the conflict in Syria.

Opposition is highest in Alberta with 70 per cent and lowest in Ontario with 56 per cent.

The major concern among those who oppose the Liberal’s refugee plan is security and the fear that appropriate security checks will be limited in order to hit Trudeau’s timeline.


The headlining poll, therefore, does not suggest that Canadians do not believe a link exists between Syrian migrants and terrorism, only those who support the government’s plan. Other polls suggest that terrorism was a concern given the short amount of time that the Syrians were brought in.

Oh, popular press! The things you say!