Of Course: MSNBC Connects Munich Terror Attack Talk to GOP Convention

msnbc1“What we’re looking at now in Europe and, to some extent, at the Republican convention and in the discourse in the United States, is a lot of talk about war as if we’re talking about a massive operation.” 

  • BillyHW
  • Trump from day 1 has indicated that he is not hawkish on going to war. He also took a big risk with the GOP by stating honestly that he was against Iraq invasion 2.0 by Bush 2.0. Trump’s plan to build up the military for defense purposes does not make him a “war-mongerer”. Nor does defeating ISIS — it makes him a humanitarian. Anyone who can’t see ISIS as a criminals against humanity is blind — heck even the lovey-dovey UN recognizes them as genocidal. Islamism in general is genocidal.

    Meanwhile, Obama got the Nobel Peace prize and he’s started more wars in the Middle East than any other President in my lifetime.