Obama: ‘The World Has Never Been Less Violent’

“So it is worth reminding ourselves of how lucky we are to be living in the most peaceful, most prosperous, most progressive era in human history,” Obama said in the speech.

Most Progressive fer sure.

  • Martin B

    There you go. If the world is less violent today than it was in the Stone Age, it’s all because of Obama.

    And you thought he got his Nobel Peace Prize for nothing.

  • I got together with some family members over the weekend who happen to be seasoned world travellers, as well as multilingual and multicultural such as myself. All of us have lived and worked in foreign countries and are no strangers to risky places. Nevertheless, the interesting thing about our conversation when we spoke of travel today was the fact that all of us struggle to find anywhere in the world that is safe anymore, even for experienced veterans such as ourselves.

    Obama of course doesn’t experience the real world as U.S. President surrounded by secret service. Obama needs to shut his big fat ignorant mouth on the subject. It’s that kind of naivete that got people killed in Benghazi.

    • Alain

      How well I know. Even countries and places where I once lived have become very dangerous; thanks again to Islam. The one safe place that remains is Japan, although with the exchange rate on our money it is very expensive unless you have family with whom you can reside. Also the airfares are no laughing matter, something I have never understood since one can fly from the West Coast to locations much further in distance for much less.

      • My own interest has been Latin America (other family members have lived in Asia and Africa), but gangs and drug cartels have practically shut it down (there are only two countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that have not been under travel advisories — Chile and Cuba). These advisories include simple everyday tasks such as:

        – don’t take urban buses
        – don’t take inter-urban buses
        – don’t take taxis (except “special” taxis)
        – don’t go to the market
        – don’t drive in urban areas
        – don’t travel in rural areas
        – etc., etc.

        In other words don’t do anything or go anywhere. Naturally if you’ve got tons of money you can live in expensive hotels and tourist resorts, or retire in a full-service gated community under armed guard. But why live in a foreign country if you are essentially segregated to a wealthy man’s “ghetto”?

  • Ed

    Faculty lounge boy has some interesting ideas…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Pardon my language, but it’s less than six months until that cocksucker is outta here. Even Hillary would be an improvement, and she’s not exactly fit for the White House.

  • Linda1000

    It would be better if Ozero just stuck to golf for the next few months.

  • Shebel

    Yes Obama -You have done a great job as President. Even the Cops are not safe anymore.

    • Toad

      He delivered on his promise.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Aren’t You Absolutely Sure He’s A Muslim? fify

  • Who is more stupid: Obama or his followers?

    Like Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot before him, Obama says the impossible and expects people to believe it. Narcissistic dictators are like that.

    • Alain

      I say those who follow in all cases, and I attach even more blame to them.

      • Cat-astrophe

        Yes you think they would figure it out, but….makes one realize what people mean when they say democracy is dead.

      • Indeed.

        A politicians is only as popular as his followers.

        And as dangerous.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Listen folks Obama is right.
    War is Peace,
    So, the world has never been a more peaceful place.
    Chicago is the safest city in America.
    Venezuela is a huge success proving the virtues of socialism/communism.
    And only an international police force can keep America from becoming too peaceful.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Barack has always had access to the very best hallucinogenic drugs……..