Jon Stewart tears into Trump supporters: ‘This country isn’t yours’

Jon Stewart sat behind Stephen Colbert’s desk on Thursday night following the Republican National Convention and provided a furious rebuke to the commentary offered during the four-day event.

  • Alain

    The country wasn’t founded and defended for the like of this armchair commie. Screw him.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Wrong John, it is our country, even though there are little sh!ts like you trying their damnedest to give it way or fundamentally change it.

  • simus1

    Nasty red fascist recalled to give boost to shitty failing program.

    • Clausewitz

      Seems that their little South African America hater is tanking in the ratings, but they can’t shit can him because he’s half black. Love it when lefties get hoisted on their own petards.

  • DMB

    Looks like Jon Stewart joined the “America was never great” crowd. This will backfire on him gaining more support for Trump since the majority of voters will not vote for a candidate who is openly anti-America especially in a country like the U.S. were the most people are very patriotic to their country. Also this will mark the beginning of the end to Jon Stewart’s career.

    • Alain

      May his career die in flames.

  • Who cares what this has-been thinks?

    Leftists make their own virtues. America means sitting one one’s @$$ all day and Jesus is for gay marriage.

    Heaven forbid they should learn otherwise.

  • WalterBannon

    He looks like he just checked out of a mental health hospital

    • Rosenmops

      He sounds like it too.

  • BillyHW

    There is no real America? WTF planet do these elite douchebags live on.

    So sad to see both the Late Show with Colbert and Seth Meyers go political in the last few months as a cheap way to grab some ratings on the way down to oblivion. They join other left wing shows like Trevor Noah’s and John Oliver.

    Is it any surprise that Fallon and Corden are leading the ratings? While they are all liberal to some extent, at least on Fallon and Corden it’s not in your face every night and most (some) of the time they try to avoid politics.

    Leftism isn’t funny. Jon Stewart ruined comedy and late night tv.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They must have told him he’s not getting Corey Booker’s Senate seat. He looks ill. I predict he’s dead in a year.

    • Justin St.Denis

      And the improvement in the USA will be YUGE a when that happens.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Jon Stewart has always been an annoying little fuck. Leopards don’t change their spots. Now, Jon Stewart is an annoying little old fuck. Time, etc……….

  • Shebel

    Your right – Jon Stewart– America is not ‘ours’ any more .
    That is why we have to take it back.
    You disgusting little simp.

  • Linda1000

    Another “shitty failing program”.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Let me guess, Mr. Stewart, you’re the *real* American, right?

  • mauser 98

    i have never laughed at anything this guy has said …dont get it

    Colbert same

    • John (not “Jon”) Stewart is a failed journalist. Remember when he took a leave of absence a couple years ago to produce a documentary on the “Arab Spring” (I think he went to Iran)? Except there never was an “Arab Spring” — it was a mythological fabrication of the Left.

      • mauser 98

        his audience is what is scary ..Obots

        …although it is shrinking

  • Ego

    Stewart mocked conservative media (…) for how it has embraced Donald Trump as a candidate, despite the fact he shares many traits Conservatives slammed Barack Obama for possessing, including a reliance on teleprompters.
    Is this guy serious? Is using or not using a teleprompter a key characteristic to judge a nominee by?

    “You just want that person to give you your country back, because you feel you’re this country’s rightful owners,” Stewart said. “There’s only one problem with that: This country isn’t yours. You don’t own it. It never was. There is no real America. You don’t own it.
    Yes, Republicans want their country back, taken away from them by people bent on ruining it. And yes, there is a real America: the one based on the principles that helped make America great, as against the current Dems who want to castrate it by taking away free speech, the Second Amendment, and Americans’ rightful pride in what the US has accomplished during its 200+ years.

    You don’t own patriotism
    Where is yours?

    I can hardly wait to hear Jon Steward’s comments about the Dem Convention.

    • occupant 9

      Oh c’mon, you can write his comments now without waiting to experience how wonderful, breathtaking, refreshing, honest, loving, open, peaceful, caring, intelligent and comforting, oh and Godless, it was/will be.

      J Stewart comes from the Obama “you didn’t build that” philosophy of charm and concern. His patriotism really comes out when he expresses his hatred of traditional America.

  • John

    He just comes across as desperate.