Harry Potter Readers Less Likely to Vote for Trump

This must be a joke but if not, I just don’t know what to say anymore:

A new study finds that Harry Potter readers are more likely to dislike Donald Trump.

The study, which will be published in the journal PS: Political Science and Politics, found that readers of the fantasy series were more inclined to dislike the Republican nominee, even after controlling for party affiliation, age, gender, education, evangelical identification and social dominance orientation.

University of Pennsylvania Professor Diana Mutz, who teaches at Trump’s alma mater, argued that readers might see parallels between Trump’s political style and the book’s villain, Lord Voldemort.

“I think a lot of the identification of Trump’s dominating kind of politics is something people associate with Voldemort,” she told TIME. “So it makes some sense that if you have been exposed to these long series of books where he is the ultimate kind of incarnation of evil, that the characteristics that are more aggressive tactics and so forth that Trump represents are less attractive, even leaving aside how it affects your policy attitudes.”