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careless crooked hillaryOn Why Diabolical Narcissists Like Hillary Clinton WANT To Get Caught – And It Isn’t For the Reason You Think

I was having a conversation with someone not long ago about a case of a priest who kept a female concubine/baby mama for many years, and how openly and shamelessly the priest and the woman carried on. The person I was visiting with then postulated that either the priest, the woman, or both of them WANTED to be caught, wanted to be exposed, wanted people to know the truth, even though they both were inveterate, dead-eyed, facile liars whenever confronted about their scandalous conduct. I assured him that he was in fact correct, they DID want “to be caught”, but not for the reason he thought. He thought that they wanted to repent, to have the burden of their guilt lifted from them. Would that it were so. That would indicate even a flicker of psycho-spiritual normalcy. Sadly, the reality is exactly the opposite, and we see this today all around us, but most especially in the realm of politics, with Hillary Clinton being the most obvious example that comes to mind.

hillary-clinton-e1468938018822Is Cop-Hating Hillary A President We Can Survive?

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has shown disdain for law enforcement officers for three decades, and as we close in on the Democratic National Convention, her spiteful behavior towards the “thin blue line” is only getting worse.

It has been an open secret in state and federal circles that Hillary Clinton is nothing more or less than a monster to law enforcement officers and military servicemen. This was true when Arkansas State Troopers had to deal with her as the First Lady of Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor there, and federal law enforcement agents learned to deal with her contempt as she was by turns First Lady, former First Lady, Secretary of State, and now the Democrat Presidential candidate.

Ezra1Is Free Speech on Life Support? Quite So! Terminally So!

North America and Europe have literal speech police these days. Oh, they’re not called by that name, ‘twould be too obvious for all of Mary’s little lambs, who followed her to school one day…every day…which was not against the rules. It was and is mandatory.

You vill conform and you vill comply!

ar-15‘Line Out The Door’ For AR-15s After Mass. AG Announces ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

WCVB reports that Four Seasons gun shop in Woburn sent out an email as soon as it learned of Healey’s directive. The email said the store would not be able to sell AR-15s or other guns categorized as “assault weapons” after July 20. Bruce Sterling rushed to the gun store, saying, “It seemed like it made a lot of sense to come and get an AR-15 today.”

The gun store ended up with “a line out the door.”

If nothing else, Progressives have been a boon to the firearms industry.

islamophobinpillsMuslim advocacy group will hand out ‘Islamophobin’ pills at Democrat convention

After hosting many traditional press conferences, perhaps humour could be a winning strategy at a time when the nation’s attention is focused on politics.

The pill “promises to treat “blind intolerance, unthinking bigotry, irrational fear of Muslims, (and) US presidential election year scapegoating.”

blowing iranIran’s Navy Ready to Sink US Warships in Persian Gulf: IRGC Commander

“In the Navy, we have very good conditions. Today, we are ready to seize the ships that trespass on the Persian Gulf and send the US warships into the depths of the Persian Gulf thanks to the power of our Navy,” General Jafari said in an address to a group of IRGC Navy commanders in Mashhad.

“Certain countries in the region like Saudis have joined the group of Iran’s clear enemies, spending large sum of money to spread insecurity in the country,” he went on to say.

Now Canadian judges can decide if jokes “are too mean to be funny”

cnn-logoCNN probably regrets polling viewers after Trump’s RNC speech because, well… WOW

Immediately following GOP nominee Donald Trump’s electrifying Republican National Convention (RNC) speech, not even CNN could deny that the public was loving it.

In four polls taken immediately after Trump’s speech, viewers told CNN what they really thought.

Take a look at a compilation put together by a Twitter user.

2016-DNC-logo-jpgWikileaks Releases Nearly 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails

Wikileaks has released nearly 20,000 emails it says are from the accounts of Democratic National Committee officials.

The release could cloud the upcoming Democratic party convention, which kicks off next week in Philadelphia.

Celine-Dion-600866Celine Dion gets X-rated as she nails Cher impersonation on The Tonight Show

In what sounds like the subject of a bizarre dream, the hitmaker began twerking while belting out the nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row, Your Boat in the voice of Rihanna.

Even Jimmy, 41, gasped: “There are children watching!”

The US host got the singer to partake in his hilarious segment of Wheel of Musical Impressions, and she was spectacular.

She’s Canadian, you know.


  • Re: Munich massacre.
    The BBC is horrible (worse than CBC if that’s possible). German Police clearly stated in their press conference that it’s too early to answer many of journalists’ detailed questions re: motive. Nevertheless the BBC is already spinning it as “nothing to do with ISIS” and “obviously connected” to right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik of Norway (because it occurred on the fifth anniversary of the Norway massacre).

    • A German prosecutor says the Friday shooting at a shopping mall in Munich that left ten people dead, including the alleged gunman, appears to be a “classic shooting rampage” and not terrorism, the Associated Press reports.

      ‘Quiet secular loner with troubled family life’ is the new mantra.

      Just like the Orlando killer.

      • k2

        We’ll all breathe a little easier knowing that (except of course, for those who no longer breathe at all, courtesy of this latest enricher). Anyway, good news – they can keep the Muslim immigration tap fully open.

  • H

    Ann Barnhardt is right on about Clinton and people like her – which perhaps includes the Pope, as Barnhardt suggests. Clinton clearly does get a rush from rubbing the little people’s noses in their inferiority to her. By demonstrating that she can get away with breaking the law, where others can’t, she shows (in own her mind at least) her superiority to the riff raff around her.

    And she’s presumably addicted to the exercise of power (Stephan Molyneaux for one has argued that this is true of ALL politicians) and therefore the more egregious the violation of decency – or the law – the better, since each successive violation demonstrates greater power. And if she is addicted to this behaviour it will only worsen with time, as all addictions do. What she would be like as president … one shudders at the prospect.

    • It’s the same behavior a serial killer exhibits. Ann has a remarkable talent for seeing things clearly.

      • H

        Yes, she’s a bright one, to say the least – I’ve personally been an admirer of hers for years (ever since I watched her koran burning video).

  • ontario john

    The staff in between sexual orgies and beating the crap out of people, managed to get the Saturday Toronto Star out. The editorial explains to us why Ontario is in such debt. Its the taxpayers fault. Yes, its all our fault because we don’t want a multitude of new taxes. I guess the upcoming tax on a tax isn’t enough. That new HST tax on the carbon tax just isn’t enough. The rest of the paper is basically Trump is evil, Clinton is wonderful.

  • SDMatt
    • I’m waiting for the inevitable libtard Trump-Pence TP puns.

      “Yes and they’re going to wipe up little shitstains like you”

    • H

      She was 15/16 in favor of the idea, 1/16 against.

  • Linda1000

    Fun with the Angels this weekend in Carlsbad Springs near Ottawa. This is the most interesting article I could find in the Calgary Sun today. Nice ink, nice bum on this biker dude. 🙂

  • Exile1981

    on the wiki leaks topic. One of the emails shows the DNC designed fake job ads to post on craigslist for Trump’s company. The ads where supposed to make him look sexist.

  • BillyHW

    Celine Dion is not Canadian, she’s an alien creature from outer space.