Brazilian Authorities Arrest People for Possible Terrorist Attacks

Brazil arrested 10 people on Thursday suspected of belonging to a poorly organized group supporting Islamic State (IS) and discussing terrorist acts during the next month’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The group, described as “absolutely amateur” by Justice Minister Alexandre Moraes, were all Brazilian citizens and in contact via messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. They did not know each other personally, the minister said.

I would like to add that so was the guy in Nice.

  • DaninVan

    Precisely why this pablum about ‘lone wolfs’ vs organized conspiracies is toxic garbage. If the motivation is loosely Islamic, who gives a sh*t why these killers personally decide to actually take part in the war. It’s a politically motivated diversion; supposed to take (our) minds off the reality. Too late. That ship’s sailed.
    Trump hit the jackpot with his acceptance speech, vis-a-vis terrorism, and Clinton signalled HER direction with her VP selection!

  • “Absolutely amateur”.
    Famous last words.