Why would cops want surveillance video of Nice attack destroyed?

Authorities in Nice have refused a request from French anti-terror police to delete surveillance camera images of last week’s deadly truck attack, amid growing questions over the scale of the police presence at the time.

  • Apparently very few were on hand.

  • k2

    They’re obviously only trying to protect their citizens (which group of citizens is another question!) Sheesh, conspiracy theorists everywhere these days ….

  • Slickfoot

    Deleting evidence is the progressive way of reaching the desired outcome.

    • Euro suicidal progressive lunatics at work.

  • robins111

    My spider sense was tingling when I heard this bullshit

  • simus1

    The most charitable explanation might be that Nice police had somehow got access to an anti terrorist police exclusive surveillance camera network feed and recorded same without permission.

    #2 Would be a “simple typo” that meant to say “do not delete” if the request involved Nice police lawfully owned material.

    After that, things tend toward the incompetent or scandalous.

  • To hide their incompetence.

    France has holes in its security.

  • J. C.

    Looks like the French cops need to talk to Hillary… She knows all about deleting stuff!

  • john ryan

    You always seem to want to be an outlet for ISIS. Propaganda
    You probably would have tried to show how bad the attack on Pearl Harbor was and try to demoralize our country

    • Yes, John. If we pretend ISIS aren’t so bad, that will hurt ISIS.

    • Minicapt

      Why did you select “stupidity” as your self-improvement goal?


  • john ryan

    All you people do here is give aid and comfort to our enemies
    United we stand divided we fall stop helping ISIS