US artist proposes public monument celebrating Berlin’s African drug dealers

A US artist in Berlin has found a provocative way to invigorate the drug decriminalization debate. He has submitted an official application to erect a public landmark for drug dealers in one of the parks where they do business.

Minnesota-born Scott Holmquist submitted a citizen’s application to the local Pirate Party in Berlin’s Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain district, where local party representatives will consider it before submitting their own version to the council in the next legislative period.

Two of the local parks, Görlitzer Park and Hasenheide, are the scene of frequent police raids against drug dealers, most of whom are of African origin. “Establishing a monument to the African-immigrant park drug dealer would recognize contribution of this dangerous job in the ongoing fight against the heritage of colonialism and for individual’s freedom to control their body,” Holmquist’s proposal reads.