Trump’s Speech Signalled the End of an Era for the GOP

An era ended for the Republican Party Thursday night with the delivery of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the GOP’s Cleveland convention. The old era began when Barry Goldwater accepted the Republican presidential nomination in 1964 and, in doing so, explicitly rejected the Eastern GOP establishment that had dominated the party for decades. Few realized at the time that the Goldwater nomination would usher in a new Republican era anchored in the rising South and West. Most pols and commentators back then thought the hapless Goldwater represented nothing more than a passing blip on the radar screen of politics.

  • Spatchcocked

    Nice try global elites… were winning until you did stupid stuff.

    • jack burns


  • Spatchcocked

    There’s a particularly apposite English saying that obtains..

    There’s a difference between sticking it in and breaking it off inside.

    Our friends in the global elite might meditate on that…

  • jack burns

    He used his great kids to set it up and then nailed it. The universal dissing by the MSM is a measure of how well he did. Surprising but this guy is full of surprises.

  • ghost of benghazi

    No more Bushes and Romney’s. Soon to be Clinton. Donald Trump has 3 months with only Hillary to beat on. Hillary and her cronies cannot think fast enough to deal with Trump. ” This is going to be exciting, short and the pain will not be distributed evenly.”