Sexist! Racist! Fascist! Along with the feral Left’s violence outside the GOP presidential candidate’s rallies, those accusations have been the soundtrack of Hillary Clinton’s orchestrated smear campaign. No surprise there, but why are some conservatives joining the chorus?

What is it about Trump that some conservatives find so distressing? You’d expect progressives to be disturbed, of course, even before you get to policies. Trump is a manly, no nonsense, successful businessman. When you do consider policies, the nightmare deepens.

He is unashamedly proud of his country, and has made it clear that when it comes to foreign policy and trade, he intends to put its interests first. He is pro-life, and supports police and the military. He supports Israel, and Israel’s right to defend itself. He does not buy into currently popular (and in some circles mandatory) issues like global warming and multiculturalism.

A horror story for progressives. But why are some conservatives also lining up under the #nevertrump banner? Only a few percent; not enough to influence the outcome of the Republican Convention. But a few percent of conservatives who refuse to vote, or vote for a third party candidate, may be all it takes to get Hillary Clinton over the line and into the White House.

  • ghost of benghazi

    Because they belong to the Unipary and Jeb Bush was supposed to lose to Hillary Clinton this year. Well actually he was supposed to win the GOP nomination and then he would lose to Hillary. So they are pissed that Trump knocked Bush out early. 150 million for 3 delegates. Why to go Jeb there has to be a record there if not you can see it from there.

  • Dave

    It’s simple. (R) and (D) are basically one in the same, twins if you will. Of course there are differences but they are subtle and almost irrelevant. They all want their turn at the trough but Trump has put a wrinkle into their plans. That’s why the “GOP” is pissed.
    Greed, simple greed

  • Ed

    Trump drives crazy the same type of people that Sarah Palin drives crazy. Trump and Palin don’t sound “intellectual.” Their word smithing, phrases, and manner of speech don’t have the polish that ivy league grads take for granted as the mark of a fine mind.

    They don’t toss off verbal markers of high academic station. They don’t casually cite Sisyphus, don’t say “… as Oscar Wilde once said…” or tell a reporter “… you have a Platonic fixation with abstraction…”