The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America

It’s known as a modern-day hub of progressivism. but its past is one of exclusion.

PORTLAND, Ore.— Victor Pierce has worked on the assembly line of a Daimler Trucks North America plant here since 1994. But he says that in recent years he’s experienced things that seem straight out of another time. White co-workers have challenged him to fights, mounted “hangman’s nooses” around the factory, referred to him as “boy” on a daily basis, sabotaged his work station by hiding his tools, carved swastikas in the bathroom, and written the word “nigger” on walls in the factory, according to allegations filed in a complaint to the Multnomah County Circuit Court in February of 2015.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Portland is a great city, that’s why the Royal Canadian Navy goes its Rose Festival each year to spawn.

  • Alain

    Would he be a member of the black KKK? You know the one calling itself BLM. I call pure BS.

  • robins111

    Things haven’t really changed that much, it was a democratic stronghold then with the Klan, and still is, just now it’s the Klan with a tan.

  • xavier

    Interesting article. The question that comes to mind is how come the federal government didn’the intervene back in the 2850s and compel black/minority settlement as a precondition to statehood?