The “Dark Speech” Meme

The emerging meme to distract the public’s attention from his message and drain away the power of Trump’s speech last night it to call it a “Dark Speech”.

It is not really clear why they chose this meme yet but I do know that it has huge psychological significance.

  • I think the dam has burst, no one save the MSM and Hillary gives a damn what they say about Trump. They lied outright about Obama, people have longer memories than they imagine.

    • The Butterfly

      If Donald Trump gets elected they will Mexican lawbreaking to thank for it. Maybe the Left should ask Mexicans to stop breaking the law.

    • Donald giving a “morning after” speech right now on ABC. It’s great — classic Donald speaking off-the-cuff. Sharp knives flying in every direction, and as usual quite humorous and entertaining. Pence is having a great time — can scarcely contain himself from cracking up!

    • Alain

      They had better have longer memories than most Canadian voters, or the country is toast.

  • Donald did a fine job.

    The left won’t like it. Because Donald gored their “sacred cow” political correctness.

    Center of the road voters will be moved by it. Even the LGBTQs will be moved.

    And best of all he addressed both the “Muslim problem”, and Hillary and her crimes.

    Trump 2016. Could be a landslide. Ain’t America great!

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Donald’s children may be his secret weapon. His kids are all class acts.

  • The Butterfly

    So sick and tired of these rebels. Darth Trump is going to make the Empire great again!

    • So sick of Prog-trolls with their easy caricatures and irrelevant references to mythical entities. Have you got anything better than that? How about reality?

      Trump let the sun light into a lot of dark corners where the progressive agenda has cultivated the cultural molds of economic paralysis, political correctness, inept statesmanship, military failure and race baiting. He pulled the drapes aside and let the sunlight in. Liberals may clutch their pearls and fan themselves but it is too late. They have been exposed as the party of darkness.

      Who is afraid of the dark? Not real people who live in reality.

  • DD_Austin

    A “dark” speech, “Rivers of blood” speech, “Iron curtain” speech

    The left has a way of making some speeches everlasting in memory
    with their labeling.

    which is the only good they do, we should remember these speeches
    They are as true today as the day they were first spoken

  • robins111

    The Donald could give every American a 5 pound gold bar. The Prog-libs would bitch about the color

  • tom_billesley

    Tiny Wall Erected Around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

    • Norman_In_New_York

      More stupid symbolism, just like the mass nudity display.

    • Obama holding a press conference with Mexican President right now on Fox.

      I hope that Trump keeps mentioning over and over again that Mexico has constructed a wall on its own southern border in order to keep the rest of Latin America out of Mexico. I guess that means that Prez Nieto is an anti-Latino racist?

      • andycanuck

        And while that was going on a Muzzie was shooting up a shopping mall in Munich.