Syrian shops targeted in Ankara in post-coup riots

As mass purges continue following Turkey’s failed coup attempt – with more than 50,000 people detained, arrested or dismissed in recent days – dissident Turks are not the only ones suffering bouts of anxiety, some of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s most loyal supporters are also concerned: Syrian refugees.

When it became clear that Erdogan’s AKP, Justice and Development Party, would retain power, violent mobs descended on Ankara’s Syrian neighborhood, smashing windows, vandalizing storefronts and looting nearly all Syrian-run establishments along the district’s main shopping strip.

“They were so angry when they arrived, and we couldn’t say anything to stop them,” said Faiz Abed Al-Kareem, a Syrian whose fruit and vegetable shop had all its windows broken. “They were trying to provoke us, to bring us in the street to fight them, but we just stayed in our homes and prayed for the night to end,” he told DW