Israel is a ‘major cause’ of Isis and Islamist terrorism

Speaking in a House of Lords debate on the living conditions of Palestinian children, Baroness Tonge said Israel was “creating a generation of terrorists who will have a justified grudge against Israel and the countries who support her”.

The Campaign Against Antisemtism called for her to be expelled from the Lib Dems, accusing her of “effectively justifying” terrorism.

  • The Butterfly

    Wait, I’m confused. Isn’t it “Palestinian” women who are creating a generation of terrorists by giving birth to “Palestinian” children?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Join the throng, baroness.

  • She needs a hot tong.

  • Of course Israel is to blame.

    The Israelis took a shoe horn of land in the desert and created a nation. People of all faiths can live there in relative peace.

    This industriousness and tolerance is a bane of the Palestinians’ existence.

  • Linda1000

    This old Baroness harridan is a real piece of tongue. She has been bashing Israel since forever or 2010 at least. I think this is an old pic as I saw an uglier one in the Daily Mail.

    She did attempt to report a group of girls being taken out of Britain on flight for Addis Ababa in what seemed to be a group adventure to Somalia for FGM fun.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She should be car bombed like the IRA did back in the day.

  • I guess the game is up… Ok, its our fault. We also caused Hitler and the Nazis, The Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, The fall of Rome and the fact that your last name is the same as the part of you that removes any doubt that you are a bigoted idiot. Happy now Baroness?

  • Clausewitz

    The English upper class elites are almost as in bred as the Muslims. No wonder they have an affinity for them.

    • Alain

      Many of them, although not all, also embraced Nazism.