Inadvertent Conservatives for Hillary: A Cleveland Update

“Word is seeping out. Frank Buckley and I have been offering our advice and a few speeches for Donald Trump’s campaign. There goes my longtime friendship with George Will. He began his writing career with AmSpec almost fifty years ago but apparently will not end it here or for that matter even in the Republican Party. He is now even on the outs with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

I think George will become a member of the Inadvertent Conservatives For Hillary (ICFH). There are others in this camp. They are composing the largest mass retirement from politics in recorded history. What will they write on in the future? George can write on baseball, but the others? Well, the field of stamp collecting is wide open. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a stamp collector, so it’s not as though stamp collecting has always been off limits to students of politics. One imagines them launching a new movement, Neo-Philatelism. I await word of their Neo-Philatelist foreign policy.”