Erdogan to eradicate ‘separatist & terrorist’ infiltrators, inject army with ‘fresh blood’

The upcoming meeting of the Supreme Military Council might bring about significant restructuring of the military. “Within a very short amount of time a new structure will be emerging,” Erdogan said. “With this new structure, I believe the armed forces will get fresh blood.”

The president also reiterated his commitment to continuing a crackdown on the opposition, especially on followers of US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who the Turkish government blames for the coup attempt.

  • By now, even Merkel must realise that Erdogan is no friend or benefit to Europe.

  • WhiteRabbit3

    A good old-fashioned Stalinist purge.

  • k1962

    Terror attack in Munich shopping centre, now.

  • Linda1000

    Wonder how Erdogan intends to keep his country functioning. He’s getting rid of everyone almost so who will replace all the gov’t. workers, military, teachers, judges, etc. and he controls the press, so how is he going to dispose of all the bodies? He’s not going to pay to keep them all in prision.

  • Clausewitz

    I believe this plan is what’s known as the Obama solution.