You Won’t Believe Who Hillary Invited To Speak At Her Convention…

Do the Democrats want to lose in November? It’s as if their gang of overpaid elitist “experts” have misread the mood of the country.

While the media picks apart speeches at the Republican National Convention for plagiarism and other crimes (real or imagined), the Democrats are putting together a line up that will have many viewers shaking their heads. If the GOP is running on a law and order platform, it looks like the Democrats are campaigning for “lawlessness” and “disorder.”

  • They call them Mothers of the Movement! I assume they mean Bowel, eh?

  • Someone called her the mother of “Saint Hands-Up”.

  • El Martyachi

    That’s a masterful ‘shop.

  • Exile1981

    You notice that Hillary refers to them as mothers, but all 3 of them dumped their kids on the grandmother or anither relative to raise so they could keep partying.