‘Traitor!’: The dangers of wearing Nikes shoes in China

Is wearing Nike sneakers tantamount to treason in China? A man was violently attacked last week in the subway in Dalian, in the country’s northwest, for having the famous Swoosh on his shoes. This was not some random incident: anti-American acts are multiplying around China, against a backdrop of diplomatic tensions with the Philippine government, which is backed by the United States.

  • The Butterfly

    Someone’s trying out for a job at the politburo.

  • mauser 98

    or Chicago

    • ntt1

      Not authentic,real dindoos hold their gang bangers sideways ,something to do wit keepinitreel

  • pettifog

    Dalian is in the country’s northeast not northwest as the article says.

  • Spatchcocked

    The Nike symbol is identical to the pin yin symbol for “with two you get egg roll” which is a mortal insult in Dalian.
    Guy was looking for trouble. He found it.

  • It’s probably the spoiled Chinese syndrome. Passengers have been known to attack stewardesses if planes are late, that sort of thing.

  • xavier

    The insufferable rancid nationalism will only worsen due to the South China Sea ruling. Further this is proof that the Chinese economy is doing worse than what’s being reported

    • Hktony

      The nationalism which the west has lost sadly. The N that many here wish we had for america. Yea that N we all hate right?
      For those americans who have never travelled americans are arrogant and selfish. At least outside america. I dont find this in the states for some reason. Perhaps travel brings out the worst in americans.

      • xavier

        A nationalism that I’m glad we’ve outgrown. China’s nationalism is just mix of hashing over the bad treatment they had 100 years ago and to hide the really dismal economic situation from the ordinary people.

        If they knew the truth, the apparatchiks would have their Ceausescu moment