That’s Islamophobic! Suspects of ‘Middle East Origin’ Sought In RAF Kidnap Attempt

Ali Baba Mad Dog Of The DesertRAF Personnel On Alert Following Attempted Knife-point Kidnap Near Base

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    they know who by now , trained soldier ,one car on empty side road , one man get`s out with knife , get`s beaten down , 2nd man get`s out of car helps 1st man back in , car drives away on empty road , long enough to get car reg number , ANPR auto number plate reading cameras , millions in the uk , data kept 2 years on every single vehicle that passes them , put a reg number in it`s data bank and it shows that vehicles movements anywhere in the uk for the past 2 years , it`s full ownership and insurance details ,this will get buried , I can see a government “D” to the media not to report put on this ,[ed uk ]