Political Seppuku: Our American friend on Ted Cruz de-platforming himself

Our much-recommended American friend kindly writes,

Last night Ted Cruz was given an opportunity to address the Republican National Convention, which the night before had nominated Donald Trump for President. Given a golden opportunity to enhance a fairly damaged and toxic reputation, Cruz proceeded to refuse to endorse Trump outright and was roundly booed off the stage in a political backlash rarely captured on live television.

Cruz had previously signed the pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. Not doing so, and in the most public way possible, only underscored the label with which Trump had tagged him during the primary season: Lyin’ Ted. Cruz seemed unable to perform against type and, in doing so, severely damaged, if not ended outright, his political career.

We all have bad judgment from time to time but it’s uncommon to see a monumental case of it being shown in public and with no self-awareness.

Cruz was widely condemned last night although a few dead enders of the dead end “Never Trump” bleated their approval. The neocons were happy because Trump has become their mortal enemy. They resent his getting traction with the American voter about not getting into useless wars hither and yon.

This morning Cruz attended the breakfast meeting of the Texas delegation in Cleveland and, as the saying goes, things went from bad to worse. He doubled down on his performance although he said he would never vote for Hillary. The delegation revolted and cheered and applauded one delegate who called him out for his dishonesty.

Media are besides themselves, once more, thinking this was a grievous wound to Trump. It was, of course, anything but. Trump allowed his bitter, pouting opponent a clear chance to make the best case for his own continued political relevance and he blew it.

Trump will speak tonight and the entire nation will be watching. Some speculate that he’ll mention Cruz, or refer to him without naming, but I think that unlikely. Tonight is the traditional start of the general campaign. Unlike the hapless Cruz, Donald Trump isn’t prone to throwing away opportunities.

As a final grace note to the delicious chaos, uber-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore told uber-liberal comedian Bill Maher that “Trump is going to win.”

In advance of tonight’s main event, the last 24 hours could hardly have gone better.

Reality check: Fine, but where the opponents of progressives always lose is that, because they are decent people with families and friends, they go back home again after they win.

Progressives have nothing but dreams of total power, so they remain, fester, and plot.

The US Supreme Court is almost certainly poised to void all laws against assisted suicide and euthanasia. That’ll be Hillary Clinton’s pension plan, just as it is Justin Trudeau’s [baby J’s] pension plan here in Canada. She’s got enough bureaucrat votes now for sure.

As Mark Steyn puts it, Americans don’t need a president-for-life because they have a bureaucracy-for-life, as we do.

So all the dreadful things can all happen even if Hill loses, even while pro-lifers are yay-hooing over a Trump victory…

The rot in our societies must be cut out at a much, much deeper level if traditional North Americans of all races, creeds, and colours want to live. That mean deep cuts through the bureaucracy as well.

Survival for the rest of us: Cool must be the new Unspeakable. We don’t give a shoot and we won’t pay a cent or even look at Cool wares. We want to live.

Please listen: The global elite and their outer party (bureaucrats and compliant progressive media) do not need North Americans. They have virtual slave labour in the third world, migrants, robots, and dead voters. They can prance about as saviours and guardians of the planet, no matter what is happening in their own constituencies.

And Americans are only one election away from becoming their victims. It may be too late in Canada, but you never know.

Minor disciplinary note: Beaver! Get in here! Did you actually erect barriers around our American friend‘s doors last night, while he was sleeping? So he had to write this to get out?

Bad Beaver! Bad! Here’s $50 to spend at the sawmill. Psst! There is a sale on black walnut till Saturday evening.

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