Political Seppuku: Our American friend on Ted Cruz de-platforming himself

Our much-recommended American friend kindly writes,

Last night Ted Cruz was given an opportunity to address the Republican National Convention, which the night before had nominated Donald Trump for President. Given a golden opportunity to enhance a fairly damaged and toxic reputation, Cruz proceeded to refuse to endorse Trump outright and was roundly booed off the stage in a political backlash rarely captured on live television.

Cruz had previously signed the pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. Not doing so, and in the most public way possible, only underscored the label with which Trump had tagged him during the primary season: Lyin’ Ted. Cruz seemed unable to perform against type and, in doing so, severely damaged, if not ended outright, his political career.

We all have bad judgment from time to time but it’s uncommon to see a monumental case of it being shown in public and with no self-awareness.

Cruz was widely condemned last night although a few dead enders of the dead end “Never Trump” bleated their approval. The neocons were happy because Trump has become their mortal enemy. They resent his getting traction with the American voter about not getting into useless wars hither and yon.

This morning Cruz attended the breakfast meeting of the Texas delegation in Cleveland and, as the saying goes, things went from bad to worse. He doubled down on his performance although he said he would never vote for Hillary. The delegation revolted and cheered and applauded one delegate who called him out for his dishonesty.

Media are besides themselves, once more, thinking this was a grievous wound to Trump. It was, of course, anything but. Trump allowed his bitter, pouting opponent a clear chance to make the best case for his own continued political relevance and he blew it.

Trump will speak tonight and the entire nation will be watching. Some speculate that he’ll mention Cruz, or refer to him without naming, but I think that unlikely. Tonight is the traditional start of the general campaign. Unlike the hapless Cruz, Donald Trump isn’t prone to throwing away opportunities.

As a final grace note to the delicious chaos, uber-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore told uber-liberal comedian Bill Maher that “Trump is going to win.”

In advance of tonight’s main event, the last 24 hours could hardly have gone better.

Reality check: Fine, but where the opponents of progressives always lose is that, because they are decent people with families and friends, they go back home again after they win.

Progressives have nothing but dreams of total power, so they remain, fester, and plot.

The US Supreme Court is almost certainly poised to void all laws against assisted suicide and euthanasia. That’ll be Hillary Clinton’s pension plan, just as it is Justin Trudeau’s [baby J’s] pension plan here in Canada. She’s got enough bureaucrat votes now for sure.

As Mark Steyn puts it, Americans don’t need a president-for-life because they have a bureaucracy-for-life, as we do.

So all the dreadful things can all happen even if Hill loses, even while pro-lifers are yay-hooing over a Trump victory…

The rot in our societies must be cut out at a much, much deeper level if traditional North Americans of all races, creeds, and colours want to live. That mean deep cuts through the bureaucracy as well.

Survival for the rest of us: Cool must be the new Unspeakable. We don’t give a shoot and we won’t pay a cent or even look at Cool wares. We want to live.

Please listen: The global elite and their outer party (bureaucrats and compliant progressive media) do not need North Americans. They have virtual slave labour in the third world, migrants, robots, and dead voters. They can prance about as saviours and guardians of the planet, no matter what is happening in their own constituencies.

And Americans are only one election away from becoming their victims. It may be too late in Canada, but you never know.

Minor disciplinary note: Beaver! Get in here! Did you actually erect barriers around our American friend‘s doors last night, while he was sleeping? So he had to write this to get out?

Bad Beaver! Bad! Here’s $50 to spend at the sawmill. Psst! There is a sale on black walnut till Saturday evening.

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  • He has toasted his career.

    • Jabberwokk

      I understand your pro Trump and maybe Cruz’s career is over. But he has maintained his principles and has again payed the price for it. You may argue that it is more important to win against Hillary than to stand up to obvious badness of trump but I disagree. What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul. America was once a nation of principles, as Canada was once, but that has taken a backseat to the false seduction of a Victory at any cost. It’s not enough to win, it’s also how. If you do not have the Character to weld power then power will inevitably weld you. And there is nothing in Trumps track record to suggest he has any.

      If you want to debate the specific then I’m just going to refer you to Ben Shapiro’s podcasts (episode 154) who has already laid out a position I mostly agree with.

      I assure you this will not end well.

      • RAMA44

        I understand you’re pro Trump not your. Trump’16

      • GrimmCreeper

        So to understand correctly, it is better to go with a candidate who has declared outright that she will do everything you oppose than to take a shot with someone who may actually stumble into doing things right, and who won the nomination of the party you are supposedly a member of? As a one time supporter of Cruz, until HE LOST to Trump, within the confines of the rules, I am extremely disappointed in him. He’s confirmed what so many have said, the only person he’s for is Ted Cruz.

        • Why would Cruz endorse the man who smeared him?

          No one has answered that to my satisfaction. Or at all.

          • GrimmCreeper

            He didn’t need to. He could have simply not shown up. The convention, after Trump’s nomination, was about uniting to defeat Ms. Clinton. As much as the arrogant and never again contender Cruz would like to believe, it wasn’t about him. But in Cruz’s delusional mind, it’s alway about him.

          • andycanuck

            Or if he had the courage his defenders attribute to him, he could have honestly said “Screw Trump” instead.

          • GrimmCreeper

            I would have respected him more for that. Instead of playing the cute little Nancy boy bit.

          • Would anyone respect Cruz if he did that?

            The knives are out for Cruz for having the audacity to not be Trump.

            The Republican party wasn’t unified before. Clinton is so deep in criminal mire that not even Bill’s efforts can get her out.

          • Linda1000

            Just before Indiana, it was a case of “he said this, then he said that”. Cruz and Trump were never good friends during the primary run-off. In fact, Trump took a lot of bashing from all 16 or 17 candidates in the primary race right from the beginning but Trump kept winning which made all of them even more nasty towards him. If Cruz doesn’t like the Rep. party rules, then why didn’t he run as an independent?

          • Which Cruz will have to do.

            Nastiness is what put Trump where he is now.

          • FactsWillOut

            Actually, the Cruz campaign used photoshopped photos of Melania to depict her as a porn worker, and accused her of being a porn actress. Cruz started it, and Trump finished it. Cruz also signed a document pledging his support for the nominee. He broke his word.

          • Shots that were already in a magazine.

          • GrimmCreeper

            The knives are out because he’s a pompous and arrogant liar who believes the world revolves around Cruz. For crying out loud, I supported the man up until he lost. He made a less persuasive case to republican voters than Trump did. He could have bowed out gracefully. Instead he picked a bad battleground that his political career will die on.

          • Pompous and arrogant?

            What is exactly is Trump anyway?

          • andycanuck

            Because Hillary is the other choice; and he swore an oath to support the eventual winner.

          • Linda1000

            At least Trump announced openly at the end of March that he wasn’t going to support the Rep. nominee. I doubt if Trump would have even attended the convention if he had been eliminated in the primary race. Cruz made his last minute announcement of no support on stage giving a speech for what I don’t know. Just rather deceitful of Cruz and bad form as it slammed not only Trump but the party as a whole. The Dems have been waiting all week to slam the Reps for any misdemeanor crime. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now, Cruz just thoroughly pissed off a lot of Texans who voted for him as Senator.

          • One can’t have it both ways. If Cruz (whose endorsement seems to be a big deal or not) was to be held to a deal, so should the man who claims to be the exemplar of the Republicans.

          • Clink9

            He should have stayed home or not signed the agreement.

          • FactsWillOut

            Because he signed a document saying he would, aka a contract. The man won’t abide by the terms of a contract he signed, because the other guy hurt his feelings? Is that what you are actually saying?

          • Cruz did not endorse Trump as Trump promised he would not endorse anyone else.

            The mud does not stick.

        • BeukendaalMason

          No, Cruz wants people to vote for the most principled candidate. If Trump is smart he keeps gimself as such and gets those who vote with their conscience. Or Trump goes fails to be a good person and candidate and fails to get the principled people’s votes. Now its up to Trump.

      • FactsWillOut

        So, a huge real estate/building/contracting/resort empire is “nothing”?

        • Clink9

          Cruz, like Obama has never even run an ice cream cart.

      • Alain

        Really? So his “principles” are breaking his word. No honour there.

        • andycanuck

          And Cruz admitted this morning that he did it because he was upset about the Trump shots at the wife and father. So much for doing the principled thing for the country; this was about personal revenge.

          • Trump smeared him as a part of his campaign.

            There you have it.

          • Clink9

            Sticks and stones, I worked over three decades with guys ripping strips off each other ( and our family ) before the second coffee of the morning was finished.

            You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.

          • BeukendaalMason

            Yup and Trump had no problem when his wife was attaked… oh wait he started to create libelous attacks on Cruz’s family. Oh and Trump is the candidate who believes that news organizations should not be able to print libelous stories against him and be safe from lawsuits. Is that massive hupocrisy I smell? Boy, Donald take a shower and wash off the stink.

          • Clink9

            Nobody likes a poor loser. Speaking of smells.

          • BeukendaalMason

            Well then get a firehose and wash down the RNC convention Trump supporters who were sore about Cruz. Cruz gave a great speech with all of the right policies: principles, Constitution adherance, etc. It was all of the Trump supporters who were sore that Cruz didnt bend over and take it like Cristie did.

          • Clink9

            Cruz is last April’s bird cage liner. History. In the archives.

            The coming Fart-In at he DNC has more relevance.

          • Then Trump need not have asked for his endorsement.

          • Yes, and the Americans will certainly get what they will vote for this November.

            That is the problem with elections: the environment is so decrepit that any thinking voter has a choice between the criminally-minded Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who, while not Lady Macbeth, is no statesman.

            It’s more of a swamp than an election.

          • Clink9

            I know two things. No way in hell its going to be worse than eight years of Obama or four years of Hillary.

          • Trump now is the only option, not the best.

            This is what is horrible about elections. It’s a horse race for nags. One picks the least worst option.

            No one wants Clinton. That’s a given. Everyone wants a change from Obama even though they should never have voted him in and he should have been ousted ages ago. At this point, people will choose anything but those two. That’s not electing the best candidate; that’s just turfing the crud.

            The electorate that put Obama in place is still there and has grown. Even if Trump proved a capable leader, it’s not like the political environment is going to change overnight and the US will be an empire again. That time is gone. At best, the US can become economically stable again. Sifting out the stupid will take longer and will be far more aggravating.

          • Clink9

            ALL politicians are thieves, liars and sons of bitches. You have to pick the least worst, but most people are greedy and vote for the A hole that promises the most goodies.

          • And that is why we end up with Obama, Trudeaus and Clintons. We scrape the bottom of the barrel.

      • Clink9

        Cruz is another scumbag lawyer politician. 10,000 of them chained together at the bottom of the ocean would be a good start.

  • FactsWillOut

    One could argue that Cruz fell on his sword to unify the party.
    How many of the so-called Cruzbots are now firmly behind Trump now?
    Cruz may be a globalist, but the fact is that he probably has the most conservative voting record of any senator.

    • Tom Forsythe

      The Cruz supporters I know are applauding him.

      • FactsWillOut

        Thus the term “Cruzbot”.

        Trump is still more of a nationalist than Cruz.

        • Justin St.Denis

          PLUS, Donald Trump is a “natural born U.S. citizen” which Ted Cruz is not and never will be. Should Trump become POTUS, that little issue will finally be completely clarified by the Supreme Court and it will officially disqualify Ted Cruz from ever running for POTUS at any time in the future.

          Trump, if you recall, always said Ted Cruz was ineligible, and that the Democrats would raise that issue in the courts should Cruz win the Reoublican nomination.

          • BeukendaalMason

            Well you might not be up to date on your legal actions but Cruz already beat 5+ lawsuits brought up against his citizenship and won all of them. The Supreme Court also had the opportunity to pass their judgement and chose not to as they agreed with the lower court rulings that Cruz is a natural born citizen. FYI to be a natural born citizen you either need to be born within the borders of the US or territory of the US or born to a US citizen. Cruz’s mother was and always ahs been a US citizen therfor Cruz is also.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I’ve been trolling Bernie supporters all day, because Cruz showed more conviction. Don’t get me wrong, he should have endorsed Trump, but at least I get to say that Bernie is just another sell-out.

  • RAMA44
    • Clink9

      Great article. Welcome to the dustbin of history Ted.

  • Spatchcocked

    Jesus Christ Ted…..for the sake of your country and its people you could have said something other than getting up on stilts….you’re a politician for krissake.
    If you assisted the Hildebeast even a smidgeon you ought to be ashamed of yourself ….which you did of course.

    • The Republican party was already fractured. Cruz didn’t do that and Trump didn’t help. If anything, people rally behind Trump because now he is the ONLY choice.

      I’ve never felt Hillary Clinton had much of a chance. She has too much baggage and even bovine voters see that.

      • GrimmCreeper

        Yes, Trump is the only choice. So why try to be clever and play games? He’s still banged up about Trump’s comments? So what? He’s never thrown punches? Big boys in this blood sport learn to roll with punches, instead of whining to the same media that you are usually taking shots at.

        • BeukendaalMason

          Like Trump did about his wife being attacked? Or losing Colorado? Etc, etc, etc.

        • Trump hamstrung himself. He can deal with it.

        • Clink9

          Yep, suck it up buttercup. All my daughters are tougher than this Ivy League pansy.

      • Linda1000

        Next time around Cruz should run as an independent if he is not going to support the Republican Party’s choice they nominate to run in the Presidential race. It’s a party rule from what I gather to at least in public support the nomination which makes sense for a united front. Cruz still can vote any which way he wants privately. All 16 or 17 candidates in the primary agreed to this condition long before the convention. You don’t get to run as a Republican and then make your own rules.

        • He didn’t make his own rules.

          But Cruz might as well run independently. Both sides of the political aisle are a mess.

        • GrimmCreeper

          Won’t be a next time for him. He sealed that deal last night.

  • Jose M Ruiz