Obama DOUBLES DOWN On INSULT…Here Is What He Says Cops Need To Do To Stay Safe!

Obama’s statements following the shootings of five Dallas police officers just get stranger. It was bad enough that he mentioned himself over 40 times in his address at the memorial service in Texas.

However, he hit a new low last week in a little-reported statement made to the press during a visit from Spain’s prime minister.

  • Obama is the scumbutt progressives elected.

    Well done. Race relations are in the toilet. The Middle East is a cesspool of war. And the national debt has tripled.

    Nice job.

  • pdxnag

    It is the very backbone of the whole Affirmative Action agenda that treats all white people as inherently and immutably racist, and uniquely so relative to all other folks with slightly more skin color. A dissenting view in our own Supreme Court is that the judicially created “Affirmative Action” remedy for a case where racist decision making is proven must be used exclusively where such racist decision making is proven. Now, no proof is needed and legislative bodies think they have license to legislatively discriminate with glorious and thunderous celebration against white folks, for being white.

    Obama is a symptom, and offers no corrective action.

  • Clausewitz

    Obama is to wit, a fucktard.