Nickelodeon Puts Gay Married Couple in Children’s Cartoon

Baby-face-shockedDespite their rhetoric, the true objective of the “gay rights” movement has always been the normalization of their lifestyle, not the protection of actual rights. To that end, efforts to fundamentally transform the culture have been aimed squarely at children.

  • infedel

    True…the gays wanted to get off of the phyciatric register in the 70’s and pushed without proper scientific evaluation (think global cooling, warming oh heck climate change…all taxes) just for toleration of an alternative lifestyle—and violently threatened…using ‘phobia if anyone refused tolerance…now they demand us to celebrate by law gay marriage and their having adopted children and forcing school education to teach gay as a normal lifestyle; and now trans, and then pedophilia,and poligomy….no….it is all marxist breaking down traditional families.

  • FactsWillOut

    Milo is part of the gay rights movement.

  • Dana Garcia

    Kid TV is a morass of diversity propaganda.