Nice attacker ‘plotted for months and had accomplices’

The man who drove a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 84 people and injuring hundreds more, had help planning the attack, the Paris prosecutor, François Molins, has revealed.

Evidence from mobile phones and computer records suggested that Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was not a recently radicalised “lone wolf”, as previously thought, but had several accomplices and had planned his attack for up to a year.

  • Martin B

    Not a recently radicalized lone wolf as previously thought, says the Guardian.

    No one with two or more brain cells ever actually thought that.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Really now, we were told that he radicalized FAST.
    Odd that!

    • Millie_Woods

      That was to blunt the initial rage and backlash against the French ‘authorities’. SOP for the Leftist Media Industrial Complex. Now that life is getting back to ‘normal’ the truth can leak out.

  • Gary

    I still remember when Sheema Khan from the hamas-linked CAIR had cried racism and islamophobia when a Muslim refugee was arrested for alleged ties to a terrorism plot in Montreal.
    Ms.Khan has always defended a terrorist until they are sentence to a Prison term as guilty because that’s when she claims they are true muslims.
    Seems that this innocent muslim was tied to a suspect refugee terrorist that ran a gas station , the man was found guilty later on for his plot be get a Truck License to deliver gasoline to the terrorism linked owner of that Station as a ruse.
    The plot was to pretend he was delivering a full load of gasoline to the Station on a Saturday but would time it so the fuel truck would be outside a Jewish centre that had people leaving at the same time every Saturday.
    The truck was rigged to blow up and slaughter everyone in that area plus him self as a martyr.

    CAIR also defended the Toronto -18 muslim terrorists as innocent even when several boasted about doing it right in front of the Judge and later in Prison. Sheema Khan pretty well supported 99% of the terrorists as innocent while she also used her Globe&Mail OP-ED to incite jihad in muslims youth by spewing lies about islamophobia and telling muslims that all those terrorist weree innocent and Canada is at war with islam.

    CAIR change its name but didn’t tell Wynee or John Tory , Khan jumped ship from CAIR once she was exposed as complicit in CAIR funding hamas.
    She went on TVO with a whole new image as a Hockey mom that rejects the quranic violence that call for killing the jews which she once supported.

  • infedel

    Read the koran; they have been plotting and carrying it out since the beginning of islam…religion? ney ney…supremacist totalitarian doctrine of conquest..yeh yeh