Man On Oklahoma City Bus Fatally Shot By Police

He doesn’t sound like he’s from Oklahoma…

h/t TB

  • Sooooo, how did his mental health eval go? Seems like a likely Hillary voter to me. Let’s get more crazy people across the border they don’t mind her at all.

    • Kell

      the dead DO vote for dems, huh?

  • canminuteman

    Some people need shooting, but I think the first cop on the scene was a woman. Of the first cop was a man I don’t think that guy would be dead. I’d be curious how many other people die or are seriously injured because of affirmative action police hiring.

    • The fist cop’s name was Pat

    • Alain

      Law enforcement is a victim of affirmative action. When officers had to meet strict physical requirements along with firearms ability, many of the cases we see would not have happened. Wee female or even undersized male cops are the cause of such cases.

  • Jose M Ruiz

    Why did she draw her gun? He had a fire extinguisher did he not. Don’t cops have batons anymore? She seemed like an idiot. Now the poor male cop has to live with shooting a human being because the other cop pulled her gun and lost control of the situation. Granted I am being an arm chair cop but I don’t think she did her job right.

    • Alain

      You can thank affirmative action for that.

  • full disclosure

    And after shooting him dead, goes to exit the bus then turns and aims like he was gonna zombify .

  • simus1

    The stunned driver should have been ordered to shut down and beat it before the cop came aboard. If the crazed perp had tried to hold him hostage, that was the time to let him have it.

    What a screw up.

  • Kell

    Saw this earlier, man, the police shot the shit out of that boy, though he did earn it, so…NEXT!!!
    Hell, at this rate, their won’t be any illegals left in this country TO vote for killary!

  • Maggat

    Simple, you play with the bull, you’ll get the horn.