Germany: Man fined after calling politician an Asshole with the IQ of a piece of toast

A Cologne court has ruled against a man who insulted the premier of North Rhine-Westphalia via email. His words were deemed offensive enough to merit a fine of more than two thousand euros.

The district court said on Wednesday that a 53-year-old man must pay a 2,250 euro ($2,470) fine after insulting politician Hannelore Kraft in an email.

The man, whose identity is being protected in accordance with German privacy laws, sent the premier of North Rhine-Westphalia two angry emails after learning of her proposal to put unemployed Germans to work helping refugees.

“You must have the IQ of a piece of toast,” the then-unemployed man wrote in his first email to Kraft. He reportedly used other profanities in his message as well.

Kraft emailed the man back with a detailed explanation of her proposal, and he followed up with a second angry email, in which he described her as being part of “corrupt pack” and an “asshole.”

Hannelore Kraft - Asshole with the IQ of a piece of Toast

Hannelore Kraft – Asshole with the IQ of a piece of Toast

  • andycanuck


    And it was in aprivate email and not a public pronouncement that could at least have been said to be slanderous even if that argument is, obviously, b.s.

    • Justin St.Denis

      The “democratic deficit” of the EU has many, many faces. This is but one. Hold on to your hats, chaps.

      • Alain

        Next step will be some type of SS battering down your door in the middle of the night to take you away. I am neither kidding nor exaggerating, since one automatically leads to the other. Just a matter of time.

  • When calling a politician an asshole with the IQ of a piece of toast becomes a crime, the end of a society is coming.

    Western Euro progressives are commiting cultural suicide. And they are a bunch of assholes with IQs lower than toast.

    • Will Quest

      I’ll toast that ……………………..

    • Maggat

      Dry burnt toast without butter or jam.

    • I happen to like toast.

      • Justin St.Denis

        But THAT piece looks a tad yeasty, doncha think?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Perhaps we might ALL send her e-mails in English enquiring as to how an asshole like her, with the IQ of a piece of toast, could possibly become a politician? Oops! 😉

  • Clink9

    As a toast lover, I find his comparison to this corrupt asshole deeply disturbing.

  • Martin B

    They really do believe they are nobility, and the peasants must be punished for not bowing down to them.

    • tom_billesley


  • ontario john

    Well, as long as I can still call feminist Trudeau, a wealthy, spoiled, empty headed piece of shit.

    • Maggat

      You have my go ahead on that.

    • It is not nice to berate shit.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Dear Hannelore Kraft

    You greasy blob of vaginal mucous. Fuck you.

    I don’t give a fuck whether you live or die.

    • RottyLover

      That butt ugly treasonous cunt needs her clit cut off with a rusty box cutter.

      • Justin St.Denis

        A good FIRST draft of an e-mail to the stupid twat.

  • Maggat

    Considering Germany’s present trouble I’d say this man was is very prescient and correct in his views. Pity seeing the ruling classes punishing one for simply expressing what he believes to be the truth.

  • Wally Keeler

    There is no source link provided

  • simus1

    If a muslim had done the complaining, she would have apologized twice and sent him 1000 euros to help ease his distress.

  • Crude, yes.

    A payable offense, no.

    The Red Army didn’t reduce Berlin to rubble for nothing.

    • tom_billesley

      An invading army that raped almost anything female they came across.
      A situation not unlike today, in fact.

    • WalterBannon

      They should have finished the job

  • Clausewitz

    Time to water the tree of Liberty with the blood of a few tyrants.

    • Exile1981

      looking at her dried up visage, i’m not sure she has enough blood to water that tree.

      • WalterBannon

        there are lots of nazis like her

  • moraywatson

    Any chance that the truth is still a valid defence in Germany?

    • Alain

      If it is like Canada, then the answer is no.

  • tom_billesley

    How many millions of mahometans will she have to let in, so that her IQ is the national average?

    • Clink9

      Thread winner.

  • mauser 98

    toast level…?.. we wish

  • HalfJudean (Destroyer-Drone)

    That’s actually demeaning for the piece of toast. This bloke underestimates all the good a piece of toast can do to you.

    Just sayin’.

  • lolwut?
    • WalterBannon


  • WalterBannon

    Everyone send her a tweet like this at

    “You clearly do have the IQ of a piece of toast, are part of corrupt pack and you are an asshole.