Flynn at RNC: Stop ‘Bullsh*t’ with Muslim Ban Stories

CLEVELAND – Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told PJM the leaders of Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait are not condemning radical Islamic terrorism on the world stage and they “need to speak up.”

He also warned that the Obama administration is “playing very defensive ball” against radical Islamic terrorism.

  • Gary

    I hate to break the News to Hillary fans but on this past Saturday she spoke with Bill O’Reilly and was forced to talk about the Nice slaughter in France by a devout muslim.

    She is on record in the Phone call saying that SHE will ban SOME muslims from coming to the USA . Trump is so popular because of the new norm for the quran inspired Jihad slaughters by muslims every few months , which proved his point, that Pillory has now hijacked the muslim ban .

    She told O’ Reilly that she would demand the foreign Nations give her the Passenger Lists for the Flight to America and stop the muslims from ever getting on the Plane.
    Watch for Hillary to spin this at the DNC and claim that she NEVER said that EVERY muslim can immigrate to the USA . She lied at the eMail hearing over Benghazi and the hearing on hear Private storage Sever in her House as a Sec Of State.

    Why would she start to tell the truth and care about America when the Saudi’s own her plus the other homophobic OPEC nations where they flog women and murder gays .