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13718584_1163950650309836_7095470279043407240_nMassachusetts AG declares crackdown on ‘assault weapons’

Healey, a Democrat, went on the warpath in today’s issue of the Globe with an Op-Ed that asserted, “If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as that of a banned weapon, or if the gun has components that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon, it’s a ‘copy’ or ‘duplicate,’ and it is illegal.”

Jim Wallace, executive director of the Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) told CFL via telephone that he’s not certain Healey can unilaterally take such an action. He provided a link to the Healey notice to gun dealers in the state.

maura-healeyThis Crazed Politician Just Decreed That Most Common Firearms In America Are Illegal

Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey announced today that she is unilaterally redefining what constitutes an “assault weapon” under Massachusetts law, in order to outlaw the sale of the most popular firearms sold in the United States.

The ban is effective immediately.

lena-dunhamLena Dunham Wants People To Vandalize ‘Jason Bourne’ Ads In Subways. Because Guns Are SUPER SCARY!

Another day, another chance for Lena Dunham to be a complete seahag (thankfully, she kept her clothes on this time. Or… at least she didn’t actually post a picture of her naked body online and called it “feminism”).

Yes. Because it was the guns that were out killing people. It wasn’t divisive rhetoric or racial tension or anything like that. The guns made it all happen.

Kitteh flavored eyebleach here.

migrantsfood-598499Migrants blasted after selling Red Cross food parcels BACK to Serbian people

In the video Bratislav Zivkovic, who is the leader of the Serbian Chetnik movement, can be seen confronting the migrants sat outside a bus station in Belgrade.

Only seconds before the video starts, the asylum seekers had been trying to sells tins of food to bypasses, according to the angry 45-year-old.

Blasting the migrants, Mr Zivkovic tells the men the food they had been given was a gift from the Serbian people and that they should not be selling it back.

transgender_0Slate: There’s No Such Thing as A ‘Male Body’

Here’s the latest in biological news coming at you from liberal Slate magazine! According to Slate writer Chase Strangio, (yes, Strange-io), it’s “factually wrong and dangerous” to describe a person as being “anatomically male.”

To the average, commonsensical American, the query Strangio poses in her article “What Is a ‘Male Body?” seems pretty straightforward. But like every good radical leftist, Strangio has decided to play mental contortionist with what would otherwise be a simple question.

Agenda-2030-e1468982942849Executive Amnesty: Obama’s path to U.N. 2030 Agenda and global socialism

Back in June, the Supreme Court ruled 4-4 in a case filed by the state of Texas against Obama’s pen and phone and his executive amnesty plan. As a result of the tie vote, the Supreme Court upheld the decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled the plan unconstitutional.

While considered a victory for the constitutional separation of powers—the president is supposed to enforce laws passed by congress, not make the law—Obama, as he is prone to do, is looking for ways to get that power back.

As you’ll see in a moment, the reason he wants it isn’t what you think.

2016-07-17T094721Z_01_SYR01_RTRIDSP_3_MIDEAST-CRISIS-SYRIA-ALEPPO‘Massive tragedy’ in the making in the opposition-held areas of Aleppo

Rebel-held neighborhoods in the Syrian city of Aleppo have endured food shortages and devastating attacks throughout the civil war. Now pro-government forces have cut off the only road into those areas, leaving an estimated 300,000 people at risk of starvation.

U.N. officials and aid workers warn of deteriorated conditions in the divided city’s opposition districts. Residents there say that food prices have doubled and that hours-long power blackouts have worsened as fuel for generators runs out.

pokemon go appSaudi Arabia revives ban on ‘un-Islamic’ Pokémon in response to app

Saudi Arabia’s top clerical body has revived a 2001 religious edict prohibiting Pokémon in response to public calls for guidance on the newly launched smartphone version of the game.

The augmented-reality game Pokémon Go, which is based on a 1996 Nintendo game, has created a global frenzy as players roam the real world looking for cartoon monsters.

Although Pokémon Go is not yet being officially available in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, many have downloaded it illegally and have started hunting for virtual “pocket monsters”.

Is there anything that doesn’t threaten Islam?

caitlynjennerCaitlyn Jenner: It was easier to come out as trans than Republican

Speaking at the Republican National Convention, the quip made the audience laugh, but she had a serious point.

“I get it. The democratic party does a better job for the LGBT community, the trans community, all that kind of stuff,” she said, praising the Obama administration’s move to let openly transgender people serve in the military.

But she insisted that she remained on the Republican side due to her father having served in the military.

“[…] if my dad knew what was going on in this country [with terrorism and employent] when he fought so hard, I think he’d be very disappointed,” she said.

trump nominationHow bad things happen to good countries: The bizarre scene of Donald Trump’s nomination

At the beginning of the convention, Donald Trump’s campaign manager said that his candidate was planning to copy Richard Nixon’s 1968 campaign, presenting himself as the law-and-order candidate. That election saw the birth of the Southern Strategy, which exploited white resentment after the Civil Rights Act. It saw violence at the Democratic convention in Chicago, the race riots in 11 mostly northern cities that accelerated the flight of whites to the suburbs, and protests against the Vietnam war. America in 2016 is not like America in 1968. Violent crime has fallen by more than half over the past 20 years, the economy is growing at a steady, unspectacular rate, illegal border crossings are at a low level, there are signs of racial progress for those who want to see them. Outside the convention, the violence that many predicted has yet to materialise.

Hate and lies are all the left has.

hate copsCop-supporting billboard labeled ‘discriminatory’ in Indiana

The electronic billboard in Muncie caught the eyes of plenty of people around the town Saturday and one person described it as “vulgar” and “discriminatory.” It read “Hate cops? The next time you need help call a crackhead.”

Megan Thomas told The Star Press on Sunday that she noticed the sign while walking with her niece. She said she was offended by the message, which she alleged was “vulgar, discriminatory to many different classes of people in our city.” She said it also seemed to have been up ahead of a police brutality protest.

“I was very ashamed that something so dividing was present in Muncie,” she added.

hillary corrupt murderous biotchHillary, the Black Lives Matter Candidate

Clinton is clearly now the Black Lives Matter candidate. Spewing lies and half-truths, she has become increasingly radical on the issue of race relations in recent months. The former secretary of state, U.S. senator, first lady, and now presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, speaks warmly of those black criminals who kill police, claiming that there are root causes that somehow at least partly justify those murderers.

In her speech at the NAACP annual convention in Cincinnati yesterday, Clinton said “systemic racism,” something that doesn’t exist in America, needs to be eliminated. She perfunctorily denounced the recent spate of cop killings that her party has otherwise cheered on by endorsing Black Lives Matter.

Essen-Sikh-templeGermany: Sikh temple blown up by Islamic State jihadis “not terrorism”

Not terrorism, say the German authorities. They persist in the same myopia that afflicts leaders in all Western countries: they refuse to acknowledge that we are in a war. Each jihad terror attack is carried out by people who hope to weaken and ultimately bring down the free world, so that they can impose Islamic governments and Islamize the West. Yet each jihad terror attack is treated as if it were a separate, discrete event, for which the motive must be established, and an investigation carried out, as if it were a criminal act pure and simple. That’s no way to win a war.