Cleveland U offers safe space for students traumatized by GOP Convention

From Daily Caller:

University is providing a “safe space” for students who are upset about this week’s Republican National Convention.

The fancypants private school in Cleveland — where tuition, fees and room and board cost $60,304 per year — is located just over 4 miles from Quicken Loans Arena, where the GOP convention is occurring. More.

Reality check: Obviously, their families are so filthy rich that the business the convention brings to Cleveland means nothing. Oh wait, their parents are progressives and will just vote to tax other people to pay for their lifestyles. And teach their kids to do the same.

The main thing to see here is that precious little asshats are, essentially, junior jackboots.

Only worse. At least the old-fashioned fascist jackboot was not claiming to be a victim, aggrieved, injured, needing apologies, compensation. He made no bones about wanting his foot on our necks.

When these baby asshats come to power in a progressive regime, look out. We will need to apologize profusely if their feet are hurting our necks.

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