Black Pastor Has A Message For Obama…And He Isn’t Gonna Like It!

After Barack Obama was chosen as the Democrat’s candidate for president, we were all informed that any criticism of him was “racist.”

It was racist to wonder why we couldn’t see his college records, or why it was necessary for such a young man to write not one but TWO autobiographies without having accomplished much first.

We’ve heard this for eight long years. But what happens when Obama’s critics themselves are African-American? While it may be a bit late to do much good other than tarnish Obama’s precious legacy, Breitbart reports on one black leader who says enough is enough…

  • Gary

    If I became the Prime Minister there would be hundreds of people coming forward to confirm my background claims because they went to my school, were on my baseball team, saw me win swimming awards , sang with me in choirs and musicals, acted with me in local plays, sat near me in the Orchestra , was part of the small band I was in , was there when I raced my motor cycles, was on the football team in High school with me, worked with me during my 10 years on stage as an emcee , plus lived on my street at several addresses .

    So riddle me this…….how come there hasn’t been even 1 person from Obama’s past for his jobs and time in Schools as a genius that has come forward to boast about him on CNN, FOX, NBC and CBS?????????

    Not 1 person in Hawaii or Kenya has spoken about him other than his step brother and grandmother ( that said she was there at the kenyan Hospital to see Obama being born .

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That’s because he’s killed them all.

  • mauser 98
    • dance…dancetotheradio