Sweden Police: The team behind sexmobben at Gothia Cup are from the “Arab world”

DOMESTIC. The football teams in the Gothia Cup, led by his 35-year-old coach, surrounded and sexofredade teenage girls are from North Africa. The state police officer Peter “Peppe” Larsson at Twitter. 


WTF? My Swedish is non existent and I am forced to rely on Google Translate, but the story indicates a team, from “North Africa” participating in the Gothia Cup soccer tournament, lead by their coach sexually assaulted Swedish girls. Here’s a second source. 

Three girls were surrounded and groped in the crowd after the Gothia Cup opening ceremony at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg. According to one of the girls’ mother got the fight to protect himself. – It was very traumatic for them, she says. Prosecutor Stefan Lind confirms that a leader of the Gothia Cup teams arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

I like that term “Sexmobben” though, that’s a keeper. Not sure about “sexofredade” though.