shakedown_street_stickerMuslim mom, girl kicked out of Mississauga pool- Staff apologize, deny racism at play

h/t MP

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    ‘…. as there were men and boys in the pool.’

    Yet this pious/observant Muslim woman had no problem being photographed without a hijab by a Toronto Sun photographer named ‘Ernest’?

    Holy Mooohammad does this story defy logic.

    Seriously, was there a male relative at home to answer the door when the Toronto Sun’s male photographer came knocking??

    Never mind – logic and consistency means nothing to these sharia-pushing clowns.

    This story is our daily reminder that Muslims don’t expect us to all to convert to Islam, they just expect us all to follows the rules of Islam.
    Personally, I’d sooner have my head sawed off than follow the rules of this intrusive death cult.

    • The usual crock of shit.

      • Gary

        In the West end Beach at Gus Rider pool I had watched a muslims women in islamic dress get to take her daughter into the pool area without a shower and fully dressed which violated the rule meant for everyone.
        The women argued it was islamic law that she must dress modestly in public and can’t be seen in public showing her legs and arms around men .
        Fine, but as she watched her daughter swim she was just fine seeing those filthy infidel males in speedos walking around or exposed the child to the obese men in thongs and a hammok for the twig and berries .

        These muslims are really giving us the middle finger that they can come to Canada and live by islamic law as the Master-Race we are expect to bow to.
        They are too stupid to know that we are laughing at them behind their backs as lazy pathetic parasite where the majority are on welfare.

        • Jim Fox

          “twig and berries”– Priceless! I warn you that I will plagiarise this one!

          • Clink9

            Heh …

          • Gary

            The other choice was Tootsie roll and Tic Tac’ .
            2 hours in the pool can do that to men.

      • OT, but I thought you’d like to know that the “scandal of the century” is over — Melania Trump is not going to prison for plagiarism!

    • Waffle

      Sheesh!! You read my mind!!

    • Jim Fox

      “logic and consistency means nothing to these sharia-pushing clowns”

      Precisely- Islam in a nutshell. Although many religious folks are required to convince themselves that patently ridiculous things are true, Islam takes the cake, by a mile. Ol’ Mo’ was a doozy when it came to absurdities.

  • glasnost

    The lifeguard’s job is to “discriminate” between safe and unsafe situations.

  • DaninVan

    Yeh, but you know, I kinda feel sorry for the kid, condemned to a life of this crap. Any other religion, you can walk away. The concept of FAITH has been badly distorted by fear.

    “…exposed the child to the obese men in thongs and a hammok for the twig and berries .” LOL! Scarred for life she’ll be.

  • FactsWillOut

    How about that. Sun perpetuation and spreading the Muslim victim meme.
    Fuck them.

  • Mark

    Simple solution. let the idiot’s kid drown then. They can call it an honour drowning to make everyone happy.

  • canminuteman

    Utter crap. My children had to take a swim test to be allowed in the local city run pool. They were then issued an ID card saying that they were allowed in without an adult. before that, they had to have an adult in the water with them WITHIN ARMS REACH. I suspect this is standard practice every where in Canada.

  • bargogx1

    Of course, whenever Muslims are prevented from breaking rules that everyone else has to follow, they and their allies start flinging around accusations of racism and “Islamophobia”. The rules will of course now be changed to appease them.