#NeverTrump’s New Wacky Idea for Beating the Donald: A Military Junta

The #NeverTrump movement has tried every single trick in the book to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Each and every one of those tricks has resulted in the same thing: utter, complete, and embarrassing failure for the entire country to see.

  • Trump supporters are currently having a meltdown over Cruz’s unspoken refusal to endorse but not support (Cruz is, after all, a practical man). It shows a lack of retrospection that one would expect from leftists. Trump maligned Cruz. One can argue that this sort of thing goes on during elections. Okay. Having said that, why then would Cruz – whom Trump supporters insist is a bad leader – want to endorse him? What would be the endorsement’s worth? Trump needs it because he knows it carries weight. So does an apology.

    • Minicapt

      The trouble is that DonJohn is a very bad winner, and he often snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Fortunately, his supporters refuse to be distracted by such petty details.


      • Dorothy White

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      • Did Trump apologise to Cruz while everyone was not looking?

        • Minicapt

          Fox News: “Donald Trump mostly brushed off the furor over Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement speech Wednesday night, calling the snub “no big deal” …”
          Also, the Trump campaign had a copy of Sen Cruz’s speech two hours prior, but did not request changes.


          • So: was Trump thoughtless or vindictive? Did he or did he not need Cruz’s support? Was this a play to make Cruz look bad?

            Talk about circus!

          • Minicapt

            DonJohn is the world’s best pivoter; no-one can pivot with such alacrity as he.

            Apparently, until 1991, all DonJohn’s business deals were counter-signed by his father.


          • One can assume that future deals will be more iron-clad.

    • Linda1000

      As a goodwill gesture, Trump went out of his way to meet with Cruz in early July and gave Cruz a speaking slot at the convention in return for Cruz’s public endorsement. Why would Trump ask someone to speak at his “show” that didn’t support him. No doubt Cruz’s looney left wife told him to say “vote your conscious”. What a cop out and Cruz is a sore loser like Kasich who was beaten so badly in the primary race, even in his own state. In order to beat the Democrats it is kind of important to support the candidate running for your own party.

      • Clink9

        Cruz is just another Canadian jealous of American success.

      • Trump smeared Cruz. Cruz would have to have no self-respect or love for his family to endorse the man who smeared him. There were no favours here.

        Trump is either thoughtless to think that the past did not matter or a vindictive man to see Cruz squirm.

        Besides, if Cruz is not important, why does Trump want his support? Oh, sure – he plays it cool but Trump knows that this hurts.

  • Minicapt

    Also, the column is in the LA Times, which suggests it was written as a piece of progressive fiction.


  • Morticiaa

    Cruz is a worm who reminds me of My Uncle Fester, (Adams Family) a festering worm…he fucked himself and his future sideways. What support he lost, Trump gained. Well done Donald.