Melania Trump speechwriter admits mistake in ‘Obamagate’ and offers resignation

Meredith McIver admitted to inserting passages in the speech given by Donald Trump’s wife at the Republican Convention that was similar to parts of a 2008 speech by the current First Lady.

  • Very magnanimous of Trump to have rejected her resignation.

    • I never thought I would be saying this about Donald Trump, but that was handled with grace and class. I hope the left continues their insane frothing about this non-issue.

      • They’re so freakin’ petty. On CBSN last night the pundits resorted to counting the use of words such as “Clinton” or “Trump” in the various speeches and offered their “deep analysis”. Pundits such as Major Garret think they’re such incredibly intelligent journalists, when they sound like a bunch of buffoons to anyone with half a brain.

        • moraywatson

          As I understand it, liberals only have the top half of a brain, which as a result is not connected to anything which experiences reality.

      • Clinton

        The press drones on about this non-issue because if they
        didn’t, they might have to report on the speeches of Patricia
        Smith and Rudy Guiliani– speeches that brought up many
        truths inconvenient to the MSM’s preferred candidate, Hillary.

  • Now the door is open to spousal attacks.
    Probably not the best thing for Hillary.

    • dance…dancetotheradio


      • Cage fight.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Hillary is so stupid.
          Every time she attacks she exposes herself to a counterpunch.

  • Spatchcocked

    SCTV had an all in wrestling skit once….it was Julia Child versus Mr Rogers…funniest thing… I Laffed ……masks and tights….
    John Candy and someone as Rogers.

    So…..I’d like to see the Hildebeast vs The Donald…..he’d murdelize her…..unless she got his head in a thigh leg choke hold…………..then it’d be gamers for my man……the odour alone would decide the match.

  • Maggat

    So this is how the anti Trump trumpet strumpets will handle the presidential race. Lottsa luck.